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  1. Cindy Mayer March 18, 2010

    I know very well that you won’t change your vote on this detrimental health care bill and my note to you will go unnoticed. However it is time for me to send off my thoughts so that when you vote for this bill and do not get reelected to your current post, you will know full well why. I’m sure in the back of your mind you fear this will happen!!

    I have never feared my government and like most Americans have felt like the government is looking out for us, having our best interest at heart and wanting us to succeed. Now I feel the government is doing it’s best to take over and do us in. I fear our government for the first time and it isn’t pretty.

    The things that this current administration is doing is, simply put, are un-American. The current arrogant, disrespectful, demeaning president is not getting it and if you vote for this health care bill, you can and will be described in the same manner.

    Ask yourself… If this heath care bill is so good for our country, why is the president having to work so hard to get it through come hell or high water, any possible way he can, ethical or (mostly) non-ethical? WHY?

    You might notice that I do not refer to the president as our president. This man is going to do me and my family and our family business in and OUR president would not purposely do that.


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