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Theodore Roosevelt – 26th President of the US

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26th President of the United States

26th President of the United States

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States from 1901-1909. Roosevelt succeeded President McKinley after his assassination and attempted to move the Republican Party (GOP) toward Progressivism; a movement who focused on cleaning up the government by eliminating corruption by exposing and undercutting political machines and bosses.  His domestic agenda known as the “Square Deal” emphasized that the average citizen would get a fair share under his policies.

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  1. sealpikachu April 26, 2016

    As a foreigner, it is fantastic to learn about the story of other countries. With the presidential candidates in my own country being incredibly corrupt, it is nice to learn about presidents such as him that actually strived to make a change. Again, I might be biased, not being a USA citizen.

  2. Keith Ogilvie April 26, 2016

    It would be nice if this was more detailed, especially going into the relevance of his new deal policy. I have seen this referenced in a few places and would like to see it reviewed here.

  3. George Edwards April 26, 2016

    Roosevelt is generally known to be a good president and I second that opinion. I have recently acquired quite an interest in politics and as an extension, in political history. Fascinating to see how his presidential tenure had some of the biggest changes in American history.


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