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Sheldon Silver (D-NY) – Sentenced to Prison 12 years

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Sheldon Silver is a former member of the New York State Assembly representing New York’s 65th District. Silver was removed from office after being convicted of fraud , extortion and money laundering. He was sentenced on May 3, 2016 to twelve years in prison.


  1. My3Sons_NJ July 8, 2016

    Maybe he can claim the Hillary Clinton defense since what he did was no worse than the State Department corruption and the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play. She walks scot-free while he’ll probably die in jail.

  2. tgthewriter1 May 25, 2016

    Sheldon Silver should have did more time in prison. He was stealing money from people. I am very surprised they did not give him more time. If Sheldon was an average joe, he probably would have been given 20 years or more in prison. He must of paid for a shorter sentence.

  3. oportosanto May 12, 2016

    Yeah, it’s really sad that we give more importance to money than to sexual abuse. I’ve always said that sexual crimes are not punished enough.

  4. nytegeek May 12, 2016

    Dennis Hastert gets 15 months after molesting children and this guy gets 12 years for moeny related crimes. Our justice system is really screwed up when protecting our children carries less weight like this.

  5. Sealpikachu May 11, 2016

    Im glad that they at least got a sanction for what they did. It seems people in power bend the rules a lot and go unconvicted most of the times.

  6. oportosanto May 6, 2016

    Wow, so no doubts here, he is corrupt, he was convicted to twelve years of prison, convicted on all charges. I wonder where is the $7 million fine going and if he can afford to pay it.


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