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Jeff Sessions – Attorney General

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Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (born December 24, 1946) is an American politician and lawyer who is the 84th Attorney General of the United States, in office since 2017. Sessions previously served as the United States Senator from Alabama from 1997 to 2017, and he is a member of the Republican Party.

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  1. oportosanto June 14, 2016

    So he’s just the average guy, not too bad, not too good. From my perspective all it takes is to do a good job and help the populations.

  2. tskier01123 April 9, 2016

    Sessions was born in Selma, Alabama, the son of Abbie (née Powe) and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Jr.[2] His father owned a general store in Hybart, Alabama and then a farm equipment dealership. Sessions has English, and some Scots-Irish, ancestry. So at least he’s a good ol’ boy that has been in Alabama his whole life. He’s a wheeler and dealer though and has been around since 1997. That’s what’s strange about Alabama they got some long term congressmen and women in their state. If you ask me the people aren’t taking a close enough look at who they’re voting for. This guy isn’t the worst but he’s not the best by any stretch of the imagination.

  3. Mjc045 February 5, 2011

    Sessions makes deal with OBama to block appointment of a new U S District Attorney in Alabama to replace Leura Canary. Shame on him.

  4. turner09 February 5, 2011

    This comment at most will interest some people in Alabama. It is customary after a new president comes into office immediately starts replacing the U S District Attorneys. It has been reported in Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions cut a deal with OBama to keep Leura Canary ,U S District Attorney appointed by George Bush in place. In return Sessions would not oppose OBama's supreme court nominees. This certainly has not been good for Alabama. Sessions and OBama should be ashamed.