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  1. oportosanto May 6, 2016

    Most politicians are really smart, at the same time they need to have specific skills to make it in politics. Also, they need to fight for the right causes and not simply be happy to be a part of the system.

  2. Norjak71 May 3, 2016

    Raised in Michigan and oversaw several key policies. I read his bio and looked him up on Youtube. Seems like an incredibly smart individual. I don’t live in California but hopefully he gets re-elected. We need more people that are taking the step on advancing in technological issues.

  3. oportosanto May 2, 2016

    Peters has worked 8 years in the city council until he decided to give the jump t the US House. He is a democrat and most likely he will be reelected in 2016.


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