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Bernie Sanders – Presidential Candidate

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Bernard Sanders (born September 8, 1941) is an American politician who has been the junior United States Senator from Vermont since 2007. Sanders is the longest serving independent in U.S. congressional history. Bio on Wikipedia


  1. thackery July 13, 2016

    I definitely think that Bernie has a lot going for him. His optimism, for one, is appealing to me, even as a former republican who can not vote for Trump and who has a strong distaste for Clinton. However, as Kimo mentioned, I just don’t know if he stands a chance at this point. Some would say voting for him would throw a vote to Trump, and yet, at this point, I just don’t know if it even matters where that vote goes or doesn’t go. This is certainly a very interesting per-election lead up!

  2. Socialism sucks July 12, 2016

    Idk what people see in this man. He’s completely delusional!

  3. nytegeek June 30, 2016

    Wow, there seems to be several posts here from folks that aren’t American and cannot vote in this election. Some of them are decent comments, but not from people that are necessarily directly impacted by or potential constituents of these candidates.

    That said, I better get back on topic. Bernie Sanders has not lost yet. The convention hasn’t happened, and things aren’t really over until after the general election. A lot can change any time before that. Some of us don’t subscribe to the wasted vote myth and refuse to choose between the lesser of two evils. There will be candidates other than the two major party nominees and most people will have the opportunity to write in anyone they want, including Sanders.

    My only real reservation with Sanders is his stance on trade. He opposes the TPP but not with any sound verifiable data to back up doing so. The projected job loss number he claims, I think it was 448,000 is taken from a worst case scenario that doesn’t account for job gains or other potential positive aspects of the TPP.

  4. oportosanto June 20, 2016

    It was a though loss for Sanders, but he hold on to his values and proved to be the best candidate. Sadly the best candidate now always wins.

  5. Hades June 20, 2016

    I watched a few interviews with Bernie, and he doesn’t seem at all concerned about actually beating Hillary, and because of this I feel that he is not as good enough candidate. He made statements such as he just wants to connect with the people, and that there is a movement.

    He made it seem as if he knows he is not going to win the election, and become POTUS, so his main focus not is just sending a message at his events. I don’t like that because he is not motivated any more, I think that he had potential, and I actually would’ve liked to see him beat Donald Trump, but he has defined his purpose already, and that’s not his intention to win the race.

  6. Sparks June 14, 2016

    Although I do not agree with a lot of Bernie’s positions, especially in regards to economics, it was refreshing to see someone speak out against corporate influence. Both parties have become tainted by corporate ownership. Insiders report that everyone is owned, and representatives’ number one goals are to get reelected. What a sorry state our republic has become as of late, and given that Hillary ended up with the nomination rather than Bernie, it seems to Democrats just aren’t tired enough of business as usual, yet.

  7. jinkies June 10, 2016

    I think Bernie Sanders is really great overall, and I desperately want him for president. I feel like he is the most trustworthy of the candidates, as he has never been involved in any scandals or caught in any lies and he has year of political and civil rights history to back up his campaign. His campaign itself is very down to Earth and relatable-he’s here to represent the American people and is doing a good job of it. He is a self-titled democratic socialist, a fact that scares a lot of people away from voting for him, but I think he is the change this country needs. With people like Donald Trump running for president and spreading bigoted rhetoric it would be great to have a Jewish civil rights advocate for the democratic primary if not president. He speaks his mind and is honest without being offensive, something other candidates should learn from. I feel like over any one else he will do his best to keep his promises in the white house, something many candidates have attempted but few have accomplished.

  8. jinkies June 10, 2016

    The one thing that sets Bernie Sanders apart from other politicians is his honesty. He speaks to the public like they are equals and doesn’t make false promises like so many other candidates. He is straight forward and to the point, his lack of ambiguity making him more trustworthy as a candidate. He stays true to his belief and doesn’t vacillate depending on what he thinks his audience wants to hear. His views today are the same views he has always had, which says to me that he is a reliable man, and as President would be someone we as a country could count on. His character is fantastic as well. He is a trustworthy, reliable and relatable man who has garnered the support of many. I agree with many of his views and policies, and I greatly appreciate the fact that he has years of history backing up his claims. I feel like as a proponent of civil rights in his youth and someone who has experienced poverty firsthand he represents America, particularly the young people of America. The fact that he identifies as a democratic socialist scares some people away from giving him the vote, but personally I think this fact adds to his credibility. I know he’s essentially the “little man” in this election, but I’m hoping he has a shot at winning.

  9. cyclistbabe June 5, 2016

    I’m all about Bernie. A lot of the posters above me are right; Bernie attracts the younger crowd, and in particular many young Dems that are turned off by Hillary. I’m a woman, and I don’t like that Clinton tries to guilt-trip other women into voting for her based on her gender. In fact, I’d be ashamed to have her represent me as a woman in a position of power. She’s corrupt, morally and financially, and I have nothing nice to say about her. That only gives me more of a reason to love Bernie.

  10. oportosanto May 23, 2016

    He is popular among the younger crowd because younger people see reality as it is, they are not conformed and they want things to change. Hopefully he will make that happen.

  11. Diane Lane May 20, 2016

    Bernie Sanders is very popular with the younger crowd, particularly those who are turned off by Hillary Clinton. I am interested to see how the decision of Gary Johnson to select William (Bill) Weld as his running mate under the Libertarian Party, as his Vice President, will affect Bernie’s following. I think perhaps the combination of Johnson and Weld could detract from Sanders a bit, and also perhaps draw some voters from the Republican camp. I see a lot of overlap between those attracted to Bernie Sanders and those favoring more libertarian (with a little L) laissez-faire policies, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  12. nytegeek May 18, 2016

    The thinking of @DJohnston is part of the problem. If people are afraid to vote their conscience for fear of it being a wasted vote we will always be stuck with the lesser of two evils. I refuse to give into this kind of attitude towards voting. I will always cast a vote for the person I believe is best suited for the job.

  13. Kimo May 16, 2016

    At this stage in the game (mid-May, 2016), I am, sadly, resigned to the idea that Mr. Sanders will not be the next President of the United States. I will certainly cast my primary vote for him in June, despite all efforts of the Clinton campaign to demoralize Sanders supporters (in order to, I believe, suppress the votes of those who refuse to jump aboard the Clinton train). Granted, there is a slim chance of an upset via a contested convention, but I don’t hold out much hope. What bothers me most, and should bother everyone, no matter whether one supports Sanders, Clinton, or even Trump, are the reasons Bernie will not win: the lies, the slander, and the often, simply misguided perceptions about the man being propagated throughout both mainstream and social media. Republicans dismiss Bernie’s plans for education and economic equality as the pipe dreams of lazy, poor people who just want a bunch of “free stuff” — when, in reality, these plans are not too different from those of numerous (and indeed, more “socialist”) democracies whose citizens are thriving under single-payer health systems and affordable, accessible education for all. Meanwhile, the Clinton camp scoffs at virtually every proposal of Mr. Sanders — yet one can almost make book on the fact that as soon as a Sanders proposal gains in popularity, Mrs. Clinton is likely to adopt it as if it were her own. Next, the ad hominem attacks on Mr. Sanders — he’s old, he’s “crusty,” and, far worse, in the form of what I perceive to be anti-Semitic dog whistles — have nothing whatsoever to do with his plans to save the United States from its alarmingly quick downward spiral. Finally, the Democratic primary voting system as it stands is complicated and unfair, most likely designed that way deliberately in order to hide glaring inconsistencies and discrepancies, much the way a crooked accountant would “cook the books.” In the end, I could accept a Bernie loss if I believed it was a fair loss. But I do not believe that; instead, I believe Election 2016 has been the dirtiest and most crooked since I began following politics in the early 1970s (and this includes the Supreme Court’s wholesale giveaway of the presidency in 2000). It’s said that we get the government we deserve. Maybe that’s true — but I hope it isn’t. I would like to believe that “We the People” — not the insiders, not the moneychangers — really deserve Bernie, the only one in this race with a chance of saving us from ourselves.

  14. oportosanto May 16, 2016

    I really like Jon Stewart and when he supports someone that has to mean something. Sanders doesn’t mean Jon’s support though because all he did speaks for himself.

  15. Sentierra C Forbes May 15, 2016

    I am a Bernie supporter all the way. I think it was John Stewart who said it best when he talked about Sanders’ “we are all in this together” approach being foreign to us as US citizens and that being the reason he isn’t taken seriously.

    Do not get me wrong I’m sure Hillary would make a great president but, I cannot ignore the fact that Mr. Sanders has been consistent in his fight for a better tomorrow. It seems that Mrs Clinton is changing her opinion based on what the popular opinion is. It seems unfair.

    May the best candidate win.

  16. DJohnston May 14, 2016

    One of my frustrations with this is that this quickly can turn into Ralph Nader circa 2000 all over again. Even from a bipartisan viewpoint, if a candidate weeds away votes from a technically stronger candidate, it really can translate into a vote for the opposite candidate. It seems to me like these are votes that would have gone to the stronger candidate, which in this case is Hillary. For those old enough to remember, the combination of Nader, Gore losing Tennessee and the Florida debacle ultimately determined the election. Popular vote or no popular vote. There is no such thing as a fair third party candidate. I hope he knows what he’s doing for as long as Sanders stays in this race.

  17. Anonymous May 10, 2016

    I personally like his ideals but I think they are a tad unrealistic. He has plenty of support from students but sadly, it is just not enough. He knew how to start off getting support but then it all seemed to diminish greatly. I never follow politics and at one point my Facebook feed was full of posts regarding him yet it seems even his most ardent supporters have quiet down lately.

  18. oportosanto May 9, 2016

    The issue with “being a socialist” is that he might want the best for the people, something that is an excellent principle. Even if he doesn’t win, he can be a positive influence.

  19. Anonymous May 8, 2016

    I honestly didn’t know anything about Bernie Sanders until his campaign started really taking off on Facebook. When some of my friends started supporting him I did some research and I am very impressed with this man. I love you Bernie.

  20. Alexa May 7, 2016

    Bernie has run a good campaign, and admirable in many ways by pushing Clinton to look at her policies in line with his supporters. The problem is most people see him as a Socialist, and many of his policies do veer in that direction.

    He is appealing to the people, but power is in Congress and now the hands of the President. That means even if he were to win, he wouldn’t be able to get much done and people will then lose faith and get angry. Unrealistically people expect policies to be enacted immediately, and it doesn’t work like that at all. Sanders is honest for a politician, but lacks support in Congress and that’s what he needs.

  21. ally79 May 7, 2016

    Honestly, I don’t know why he is still in the Presidential race. He cannot compete with the finances and political clout standing behind Hillary Clinton. His continued persistence is just further dividing what is already a very divisive race at a time when the country really needs to find a way to pull together.

  22. oportosanto May 6, 2016

    I don’t think he has much chances to be honest, even if his views are quite valid. As far as I see it a lot happens that we are not aware of that end up positioning a candidate better than other.

  23. nytegeek May 6, 2016

    I support Bernie, I am not sure who I’ll support if Hilary gets the nomination. It certainly wont be Trump. I may end up writing in a name or writing Bernie in if he isn’t on the ballot.

  24. marko May 6, 2016

    I have some issues with bernie Sanders Economic agenda:

    – Wealth inequality is not the same as poverty. If a company gets wealthier doesn’t mean that made
    someone else poorer. The wealth is created, not a finite amount that must be divided for the “greater good”.

    – Increase rich people taxes will only make them divert more money to off shore havens in order to protect their

    -In order to modernize infraestructure. You need a relevant reason to do it. Invest 1 trillion in modern ghots towns or airports would be a great waste. If infraestructure required to be revamped , Its
    modernization will be already underway.

    – I support free trade and private property. Something that Sanders seems to be openly against. He claimed that U.S job and wages depression are due to those free trade agreements. Nonsence, obsolete non productive jobs tend to disappear and Companies are free to do with their job what they want. And well, abusing foreigner policies to cheap labor are not consequence of free trade, but
    strong statism in the target country.

    Overall, I don’t support Sanders “Social democratic” agenda and his misleading notion of Nordic Models. Denmark already told him that they apply a free market model, not that socialist fantasy that
    He likes to preach about.

  25. oportosanto May 4, 2016

    Even if he is not doing that in reality, it’s important that he speaks to people’s hearts. People are sick and tired of politicians who are corrupt and detached from the population.

  26. Norjak71 May 2, 2016

    Sanders seems to be the only one in touch with America. Yes, the wall street bit gets a little old and some of his foreign policy is a little shaky; however, he is the only one that seems to be fighting for the people. I also admire the fact that he doesn’t take cheap shots at Hillary like she mostly does and is intent on running a clean campaign no matter how much he falls behind in the polls. I have a great respect for him as a person and as a leader. Lets hope he gets back into this.

  27. andrew May 1, 2016

    Mr everything will be free sanders is in a fantasy land. As he and the democratic party just loves to spend other people’s money, it has to run out sometime. The debt burden on our children and grandchildren by these idiots will be at a point of no return if one of these democrats get elected. The healthcare insurance costs that now top the federal tax on each of my paychecks(besides going up another $1 an hour this month), that was passed entirely by democrats(not 1 republican) has hurt this country and get worse everyday. If you democrats want to pay more taxes, go ahead and donate it all to the federal govt, but quit stealing my hard fought wages for your phoney ideas and complete LIES! After sanders bow’s out and hillary gets trumped, maybe we can be that beacon of light country again that socialist liberals just hate!

  28. oportosanto April 29, 2016

    Well, you do have a point there, but if we all thought like that we would just go with the flow and the system would become stronger and stronger. One at a time I believe we can make the difference.

  29. amr13 April 12, 2016

    I voted for Bernie and I stand behind my choice for the democratic nomination but as someone has already stated in the comments, how much difference can one man make in our current political system? I think he is the best man to try and that is why I will continue to support him.

  30. Utah April 12, 2016

    I don’t know what this low rating is about but Bernie is a great person. He’s respectful and he doesn’t need drama to draw attention. Look at how much attention he’s getting now without all the staged drama! He needs to be president, A.S.A.P. Only candidate in my eyes that can really ‘make America great again’.

  31. alexanderfarabee April 12, 2016

    I think whether Bernie wins the nomination of the democratic party or not, his campaign is already a huge success, that will go on much further than the election Bernie Sanders has ignited a spark within the millenial generation, his revolution is already a success. He has shown that the millenials (which will become the largest voter block) is overwhelmingly alright with having a democratic socialist president. In fact he has shown they are passionate in the subject.

    I just wonder if it will gain enough momentum to potentially break the bi-partisan system by forming a schism within the democratic party, and allowing the birth of a democratic socialist party to rise to power. (Truly the GOP could face a potential schism as well. In my personal opinion, I think we would benefit greatly from a multiple party system.)

  32. tskier01123 April 7, 2016

    Everyone is very hyped up about this guy, but what they’re forgetting and what they always forget is that he’s just another professional politician. I can’t blame them, I was hyped about Obama in 2008 and actually believed one man could make some kind of a difference in this evil system. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. I’m sure he worked hard but, there’s too much against people who want to improve peoples lives as opposed to looking out for special interests. I’m sure Bernie even believes he can make a difference. Anyway, I’ve heard a lot about him but he’ll be no different than the next guy.

  33. jaspervance March 31, 2016

    I am shocked at how fast a relatively unknown senator has gotten the heart of America’s youth. Sanders bumper stickers are popping up on college campuses everywhere. I do not think he has a shot of winning, but he is sure giving the other candidates a good run.

  34. GreenEggsAndSam March 29, 2016

    Sanders really came out of nowhere, and gained a lot of support quickly. I do not agree with most of his views, but he seems honest. Unlike some politicians, I get the feeling that Sanders is not laying or saying what he thinks people want to hear, but is really telling it like he sees it. Unfortunately I do not see most of it the same way, but I understand why people like him, and I would not be surprised to see him take the nomination.

  35. MarkOfDavison March 29, 2016

    I respect his honesty, and his commitment to his beliefs. With Sanders, what you hear from him is his true beliefs instead of carefully crafted soundbites. The only problem is that I do not agree with a about half of his positions. I think that he would do a great amount to help the poor, and improve the medical system. Unfortunately I believe that his tax system will not work, and his views on the social issues are nearly the exact opposite of mine. He is a good man with a good heart who genuinely wants to help, but his views will not lead America in a better direction. I still greatly respect him though.

  36. DancingLady January 19, 2016

    I honestly didn’t know anything about Bernie Sanders until his campaign started really taking off on Facebook. When some of my friends started supporting him I did some research and I am very impressed with this man. I don’t agree with all of his opinions, in fact there have been politicians I have agreed with more, but one things really stands out with Sanders, his integrity. That is something I respect very, very much. In Sanders I see a man who is not swayed by outside pressure. Because he has such a good track record, I feel he is the most trustworthy candidate running in this election. Even if I don’t always agree with him, I know where he stands and I know he is going to do his best to follow through on what he says he intends to do.