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  1. Todash19 March 13, 2008

    The true Statesman, champion of the constitution. The thinking man’s politician.
    Next to Stephen King, Dr. Ron Paul is the only celebrity I would truly be start truck in front of.
    Infiltrate. Decimate. Nominate.

  2. TXDave August 17, 2008

    Dr. Ron Paul is one of my very very few hereos. I am 50 years old and I do not impress very easily. Ron Paul cured me of my political apathy by showing me that there is at least one man in Congress, which is generally a sea of shame, who has integrity and honesty. He is a TRUE servant of the people. He does not participate in the congressional pork barrel self entitlements such as their pension program which is far more than anything common man will ever get from a job.

    Dr. Paul, if you ever read this, my hat is off to you and I am forever in your debt. The whole country is in your debt even if most Americans are too distracted to know it.

  3. amy October 9, 2008

    Dr. Paul is right on about some things (monetary policy and widespread financial fraud), but utterly mystifying on others. He’s a doctor but he doesn’t believe in evolution? Does he understand the worldwide public health problems caused by resistant bacteria? Resistant bacteria are resistant because their parents survived through an antibiotic treatment, so they inherited resistant properties. Now our early antibiotics don’t work, because the bacteria that is around now doesn’t die from plain penicillin. Dr Paul is a doctor who does not understand evolution?

    And even about the global economic system. Going back to the gold standard won’t work either, for the simple reason that the value of gold is also arbitrary.

  4. commontater October 11, 2008

    Dr. Ron Paul is, by far, the most pro-American, patriotic, conservative in Congress and the only presidential candidate with the integrity and virtue necessary to return this country to its former excellent status in the world. He’s been talking truth to power longer than any congresscritter on the planet and knows what this country needs to get back on its feet. He’s not a globalist “without a country” whose only allegiance is to the state of Greed and instant Gratification. He’s the genuine article, and the last best hope for this country, but the People are about to blow it……again!

    Trust me…

  5. toastyaroma October 25, 2008

    Don’t you wish your congressman voted like Dr. No for the bailout of big banks? Don’t you wish your congressman voted like Dr. No on the measure to invade Iraq, which is costing $10 billion a month? Dr. Ron Paul is a statesman, a hero, and a model for what a good politician (2 words you never hear together) should be. Dr. Ron Paul should be our next president, but instead, we get more of the same with either party.. more spending.. socialism.. globalism.. and monetary destruction.

    say goodbye to the America you know and love unless we start seeing more men like Ron Paul in Washington.

  6. mrtom February 13, 2009

    Ron Paul the only honest man in Congress. We need more Congressman like him.

  7. NH April 30, 2009

    The only honest man in congress! HR 1207 yes!

    End the Fed
    Repeal the 16th


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