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Arizona Presidential Candidates 2008 Senate

McCain, John- (R – AZ) Senate

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McCain was born in Coco Solo in the Panama Canal Zone which was under American control at the time. His father and grandfather were admirals in the U.S. Navy who, like McCain, graduated from the United States Naval Academy. In 1965, McCain married model Carol Shepp. Read the rest of his bio from The PoliticalBase


  1. Carl January 17, 2008

    How can anyone say that of they had to do it again they would still vote to go to war in Iraq? Clearly this man is delusional. After all the lives we have lost, and the admittance by the government that their were no weapons of mass destruction, how can senator McCain state that he would still say yes to the war. Any man who cannot admit his mistakes and move forward is not a man that I want for president!

  2. asjaipersad February 10, 2008

    America just gave away the presidency to another arrogant strong minded stubborn politician. By making the opponents the choice of a black man or woman, the Democrats will surely lose the presidency. We live n a backwards nation where the rich political powers of the world are not ready to see such a drastic change. Therefore like it or not, John McCain will win and as Carl said, we will be stuck with four more years of crap to deal with!

  3. shaun March 8, 2008

    This idiotic man is going to be our next president! He can;t even control his temper with a reporter yet he is supposed to lead this nation? We may have been better off with Bush!

  4. Caryl March 8, 2008

    I agree with all the infighting in the Democratic party they are just handing over the election to this idiot! He has more time to raise money and start his attack… The Democrats are blowing yet another election!

  5. nick March 11, 2008

    Any sex scandal helps the Republican party. Not only do the Democrats have a black and a women running, now the Gov of NY has been caught in a prostitution ring.. They are just handing over the election!!!

  6. andy March 14, 2008

    McCain is the best choice for Commander and Chief. He was held as a prisoner of War for goodness sakes! Anyone who has been through it knows how to protect our soldiers and bring the home safe!

  7. Stacy April 4, 2008

    What an idiot he is talking about he fact that he is “proud to have Heidi Montaug’s support and that he never misses and episode o the Hills.” First of all if he is watching The Hills he has way too much time on his hands. Also, to say you like the support of a young girl who is far from a role model for young women is deplorable. In his attempt to win over the young vote, he has just alienated people further.

  8. mbeharry April 21, 2008

    if McCain wins this Democrat will not be as devastated as in the last two elections. he has several points which us Dems can agree with.

    and at the very least, no one can be as bad as George Bush Jr.

  9. Stan April 29, 2008

    Lets hope McCain picks a strong VP. The way he looks he may not make it past the election!

  10. Logan May 9, 2008

    Putting McCain in office is basically dooming women’s rights. With so many Supreme Court Judges on the road to retirement McCain will get the opportunity to fill the court with conservatives who have the right to overturn Roe V Wade. This could change the freedom women have. Women need to make a careful choice in November.

  11. Emma May 18, 2008

    While Bush is the worst president ever… having MCain for president is even worst….he will never end the war in Iraq and continue to waste taxpayers money over there, our economy will be ten times worst. Because he was a war hero does not qualify him for the Prez…. he is too old & egotistical and watching his wife is even nauseating with all her plastic surgery….she looks like a ghost, …….nothing about her is natural beauty. All the people who put Bush in office will be the same ones to vote for McCain. We need fresh young blood in the White house, not old ‘old’ tricky politicians like McCain.

  12. Alora June 5, 2008

    This dummy had no business being on air last night. He showed the republicans for what they are; old out of touch with reality and in poor taste., Good luck Obama

  13. Emma June 11, 2008

    Just because he was a prisoner of war, does not make him the best fit for Commander in Chief…………there have been many other brave soldiers who experienced worst than him and that does not make them experienced in foreign policy. McCain does not exude brilliance or sophistication to be Commander in Chief. He has been a senator for over 20 years and in the last 8 years have backed Bush & his policies 95% of the time. If McCain gets elected we will have a third term of Bush…………I hope that all citizens pay close attention to this man’s record and vote wisely.

  14. Kevin July 17, 2008

    What was Senator McCain thinking speaking at the NAACP? You are not going to get the black vote and what is the point of gaining their respect when they still won’t vote for you? Focus on states with swing votes. and stop wasting your time!

  15. Tammy July 17, 2008

    How could senator McCain let his daughter hang out with Heidi Montaug. How pathetic indeed to sacrifice your daughter for the young vote!

  16. Mal Milligan July 25, 2008

    All this talk about McCain this and McCain that. You know if he is elected President I will sleep better knowing my children are safe. I would rather have a guy like McCain bomb a hundred million possible terrorists than for a guy like Obama to invite them all here to start hurting Americans in our own homes.

  17. Stacy B July 27, 2008

    Hey Mal Yes that is EXACTLY what Obama would do invite the terrorists over for TEA. Have you lost your mind? How many more enemies do you think Bush created by going over there and “bombing the hundred million possible terrorists?” How many were innocent people with family and kids that died just like your family you want to keep safe? Of course a father or mother would become bitter when their children have been killed for no reason. Wouldn’t you? It is ignorant to think that you will be safe by bombing. You need to understand why the people have become so bitter in the first place. We need a man like Obama who will use brains and not brawn to solve our terror problem. Keeping our kids safe at night should be something everyone cares about because everyone’s child deserves to be safe, even the children in the middle east!

  18. Stacy Dhanesar August 7, 2008

    If Paris Hilton can make you look stupid you are in trouble! How could he think that putting Paris in an ad would make any sense? When she can show you how ridiculous you are, it only makes Obama look more ready to be our next president!

  19. Emma August 12, 2008

    The Republicans should never have nominated John McCain for President. Look at him, he’s too old and & seems to be buckling under the pressure. He is making Obama look better than he really is and the stupid people he has working for him are so dumb citing Paris Hilton & Britney Spears in the same breath as Obama, this only makes McCain a very angry and grumpy old man while Obama gets more and more publicity.

  20. TXDave August 17, 2008

    We have enough warmongers. John Mccain, go “bomb bomb bomb” yourself and leave Iran alone. This is a nonpartisan comment. I am registered Replublican but I think the political bureaucrats have merged into the Grand Central Uniparty. There is no difference between dem or GOP anymore. All of them are pure crap, save a few like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich and others of their ilk.

    I believe in America but I do not want a name change to Amerika. Keep our rights. Save our constitution. Go investigate 911 because it was clearly an inside job.

  21. Zoey August 17, 2008

    After watching last night televised show with Pastor Warren, I have to admit that McCain really showed how experienced & knowledgeable he is to be President instead of Obama. I would prefer to trust my life with McCain than Obama. McCain demonstrated his expertise from his excellent responses and not to mention his deep love for this country, his patriotism and passion for wanting to lead this country in the right path. This is just the start of getting to know how the candidates will handle & commit to the real issues.

  22. Claud Mitterand August 24, 2008

    You Americans will target Iran next and then Saudi Arabia. Obama can’t win because the republican dirt machine will fire up and reveal pictures of Obama in compromising positions which are fake. After destroying the world for crappy oil profits and car manufacturing, the idiots who run America are having a great time with this election. In the 1960’s Americans were willing to stand up against the machine – but not now. You people are all selfish whimps. You should be ruled as a French Colony until you can come to grips with reality. And I think McCain is taking soft money now.

  23. Zoey September 15, 2008

    Ok McCain & Palin, lets get down to the real issues now, forget all this dirt flinging! I want to be assured that our country will be safe, our economy will improve and my 401k will keep on growing!!!!!!!!!

  24. Lisa September 19, 2008

    How could JOhn McCain say that the economy was strong and then 3 hours later say that the economy is at risk? Sir have you picked up a newspaper? We average Americans are dying over here ! Let me hear your plan to fix it!

  25. Tim September 19, 2008

    I hear you Lisa I am a McCain supporter but I need him to stop dealing with the bullshit of the campaign and get down to the real issues. I need to hear what he is going to do for the economy and for teh working folk. I need a clear and concise plan or I will be changing my vote!

  26. Kim September 22, 2008

    When will we stop equating being old to being experienced? If you have never been president you have NO experience being president, no matter what else you have done. Bush had experience with his first 4 years and still learned nothing in the next 4 proving that “experience” means nothing! How many people get turned down from jobs because of experience. This word is just ridiculous!

  27. Zoey September 23, 2008

    My 401K is shrinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Jason September 25, 2008

    Now that we need to here from the candidates with only 40 days left this dummy wants to halt the campaign? Is he afraid to debate with Obama? I am so tired of the republican games. Don’t interfere with COngress using presidential politics! We need a solution not to have our time wasted!

  29. Laura Middleton September 30, 2008

    This message is for Senator McCain. I have been listening to C-Span and the democrats that voted no for the bailout. They have great ideas ot get the root of the problem and not a giveaway. I too feel that Pres. Bush use his powers to act now and follow their immediately plan to do something.Paulson has a conflict of interest and should be removed from this solution.Your ideas of the insurance were agreed on,except this was changed by Paulson and worded differently.My last thing to say is,Go back to Roosevelt and solve this problem.Please get back to the fight and stand up for us and let us know that what your opinions are on the economy. Stop mentioning Obama, we know what is going on, just talk to the p. The country needs you people as you did in the convention. I beg you,we need you after this crisis afterthe is over. Our country is in dire trouble if Obama gets elected.

  30. laueen October 2, 2008

    I heard he hunts baby seals for fun.

  31. Zoey October 5, 2008

    After reading the WSJ article today ‘Mccain campaign generals struggles’ & hearing of other disturbing news of McCain,it is truly disappointing to see how McCain can be so arrogant with his old self! I thought that he was somebody to trust, (actually there is no such word for a politician) but he is just in this for his own selfish reasons. Initially, I classified him with Bush & Cheney, but thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt when I saw him with Pastor Warren and thought, yes! he would make a good Prez…now with the camp. trail coming to an end. I can now see my first judgement of him was correct….he is too old, he wants to make history, he does not have a clue about the economy, because he was a POW does not make him fluent & competent on foreign affairs. For a man to have 7 houses & 13 cars, he certainly cannot feel in one thousandth ounce feel the pain, anguish, uncertainity for the middleclass or poor, nor for the people who are getting laid off day by day!!! People who wont be able to save the roof over their heads, pay for their children’s college, pay their bills or buy food!
    It is a darn pity the REpublicans did not nominate Mitt Romney instead, I am sick of American public crucifying a person because of their religion. This would teach them, now that we have the two worst candidates in presidential history.

  32. Margaret October 8, 2008

    McCain looked terrible at the debate last night! He seemed to have a bit of dementia as he wandered around the stage when it wasn’t his turn… what was he doing?

  33. Zoey October 8, 2008

    So true Margaret, MCain really looked and performed so awful, it was embarassing for him. He gave us nothing new and repeated the same old boring story, nothing he said gave us any spark…………..he is like a stoic, old wooden soldier. He does not even understand his own plan for the economy. McCain knows that he’s losing and is grabbing at straws, could not even explain the foreclosure crisis correctly. He was also snide and condescending towards Obama, his whole body language reflected this, as well and his wandering around in a daze.

  34. amy October 9, 2008

    This rage addict’s finger on the button? I don’t think so!!

  35. suzie October 16, 2008

    someone shut this senile man up!

  36. chris Ashton November 11, 2008

    hey are you off of the show

  37. Jen in Woodbury July 13, 2009

    Palin???? Really????

  38. Zoey March 1, 2010

    I hope he loses his Senate seat this November!!!! its abouut time, he has not done any good for Arizona! why onn earth did the Arizonians keep him in there for so long….MONEY!!!! HE’S BOUGHT HIS WAY THRU & THRU. Go and enjoy all you $$$$$$ McCain, as you cant take it with you!!!

  39. tskier01123 April 11, 2016

    Sen. John McCain warned Tuesday that the Obama administration’s “grudging incrementalism” in the fight against ISIS risks a failure akin to the Vietnam War. Hopefully the man will get out of the POW camp someday but I don’t think he’s done a whole lot for this country beyond popularizing himself as a POW. At least he’s a fighter, that’s something people need more in politics. Also, cancer survivor, that’s cool. I just wish he’d done something other with his life than politics.

  40. oportosanto June 14, 2016

    lol, I don’t know if he is senile, but he certainly looks like a shadow from the past. His opinion is still head though.


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