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Janet Napolitano – Resigns US Secretary of Homeland Security Post

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United States Secretary of Homeland Security

Janet Napolitano has announced she will resign  as US Secretary of Homeland Security effective August 2013. She has accepted the position of President of the University of California. In 2012 Forbes ranked Napolitano as the world’s ninth most powerful woman.


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  1. oportosanto June 14, 2016

    Sure, the creation of her position was dubious and now she is back to university, a golden refuge to many politicians.

  2. tskier01123 April 10, 2016

    Oh man, talk about your position that should have never been created. And talk about a person who could make it look even worse than anyone would, or could have, thought it would be. A politician and a lawyer, she should have never been in charge of Homeland Security. Now the University of California has to deal with her insanity and bureaucracy. At least she’s out of any kind of public off. Good riddance!

  3. ted kennedy May 4, 2013

    As with the rest of this pathalogical lieing Administration and president, this poor excuse of another unexperienced socialist lib has not only covered up a death of one of our treasured border agents, but along with the dept of NO justice holder, watched 2 more agents go to prison for doing their job while taking the word of a convicted drug smuggler(child killer) over the very one’s that protect us and our families on a daily basis! This woman would and could not protect us from flies comming in from the outside by closeing a screen door, less be in charge of protecting this great country!


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