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  1. As I read the up and down in Gov. Haley’s ratings, everything is tilted to she’d make a potential candidate for POTUS, as a reported republican, her actions and priorities are very poor also illegal. Her government, and Gov. Haley is one of five states, the only alleged Republican state, that continues to openly operate in violation of the US Constitution, the law of the land. For far to long South Carolina has played the part of BH Obama. This state is alleged to be a conservative value state, yet South Carolina is openly violating the 2nd Amendment, “shall not be infringed”. 45 states have withdrawn antiquated and unconstitutional actions (Illegal laws) when South Carolina repeatedly denies our American and South Carolinian citizens our right for open carry. I say that because I’ve heard State Senator’s state that they couldn’t support any action that allowed citizens to openly carry their personal weapons. This state needs to rid ourselves of the many RINO’s, to include Gov. Haley because she hasn’t strongly led this state in compliance with the US Constitution. Impeach, remove or elect her out of being a representative for us South Carolinians.