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George W. Bush

George W. Bush

George Walker Bush (born July 6, 1946) was the forty-third  President of the United States of America. He previously served as the forty-sixth Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000 and is the eldest son of former United States President George Herbert Walker Bush.

He was inaugurated as President on January 20, 2001 and his current term is scheduled to end on January 20, 2009. Read the rest of his bio from Wikipedia


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  1. My3Sons_NJ July 8, 2016

    The colossal disaster of the Obama administration and the obscene corruption of the Clinton State Department has made the mediocre performance of George W. Bush seem so much better in comparison. He gave a pacified Iraq, Libya and Syria over to Obama who basically just let it go to pieces.

  2. oportosanto May 13, 2016

    What to say about George W Bush? He is quite a character, from his crazy twenties to the presidency of the US, it’s a path no one expected, even more with war and loss of lives in between…

  3. Diane Lane May 8, 2016

    I miss having a president who actually loves and appreciates our country, and isn’t afraid to say so. I think he did well in pulling the nation together after 9/11, and presented as the strong leader we needed at the time. I appreciate all that he does for our troops, but I think he needs to get behind Donald Trump if he is chosen as the nominee. The people want change, have spoken loudly, and their voices need to be heeded.

  4. Keith Ogilvie April 26, 2016

    Somehow George W has a much higher rating on this site than Bill Clinton. George had the worst overseas perception of a president since Reagan. Also the general feeling of disenchantment with the political system that his terms created led to the joy at Obama’s candidacy.

  5. Lantek_ April 21, 2016

    Bush seems like a bumbling lovable uncle from a sitcom, but unfortunately he was our leader during one of the worst periods in recent history. He didn’t handle anything well those things being 9/11, the Kyoto protocols, the Iraq weapon inspections, created a huge debt from the war, etc., etc., ad nauseam. You get my point. G?o?o?d? ?t?h?i?n?g? ?w?e? ?h?a?d? ?g?o?o?d? ?o?l?d? ?D?i?c?k? ?C?h?e?n?e?y? ?t?o? ?b?a?c?k? ?h?i?m? ?u?p?.? ?There was also Dick Cheney, and his corporate ties, but I won’t get into that.

    Overall I would rate his presidency a Aww hell naw/10.

  6. tskier01123 April 6, 2016

    The man was a lame duck, not too smart and had everyone else making decisions for him. Iraq was a giant bummer and here we are years and years later and nothing was ever resolved in that war other than soldiers and civilians losing their live. I think all presidents are ineffectual, but Bush showed us all how dangers and ineffectual president can be.

  7. jaspervance March 31, 2016

    George Bush was one of the great presidents of American history. He lead us through the darkest time since Pear Harbor, and brought the majority of American’s together for one cause. No man is prefect, and Bush could have done some things better. While he concentrated on the war on terror, he did let several issues in this country fall by the wayside. Overall, he did a fine job as president.

  8. GreenEggsAndSam March 29, 2016

    George Bush was an strong leader, and was in office exactly when America needed a strong leader. I truly doubt any of the other presidents could have handled 911 as well as he did. He did make a lot of mistakes such as the whole weapons of mass destruction thing, but he acted to take down the Taliban and put a serous dent in Bin Laden’s operation. Many terrorists are never able to harm anyone else because of George Bush, and we need to remember that.

  9. MarkOfDavison March 29, 2016

    I miss Bush. While I do not agree with some of the things he did, or his reason for doing them, I felt like he made America a better country during our worst times. He was strong when America needed a strong leader. While I think he should have never lead us overseas, he did keep this country together. Of all of the recent presidents, I think that the job was the toughest during the time he served.

  10. amiller280 March 20, 2016

    It is hard for me to judge George Bush for any of his decisions during his terms in the whitehouse. He served during one of the most difficult times in US history and had to make some of the most dangerous decisions. It is impossible at this point or any time in the near future to ultimately decide what the consequences were from his decision to go to war over what he was told was valid intelligence. All the powerful people around him influenced and coerced his decisions leaving him almost powerless in his role as commander and chief. I believe George is a good man and an honest person, but his lack of willpower is the key flaw in his leadership ability.

  11. zod93 March 17, 2016

    oh my, Bush was the man of the 90’s america. In every way.
    He was a clown from the republican party.

    Ever so often I feel like – because thats the truth – that presidents and prime ministers are just the dummies of the party behind them. They do as the party says.

  12. SirJoe February 22, 2016

    It’s hard to believe that Bush served two mandates. Did he actually know what was going on, it seemed as if he didn’t have a clue.

  13. SirJoe December 28, 2015

    When Ronald Regan left office there were a lot of people that felt sad that he left, we found out later what he did to the economy, but he was able to keep the people on his side. When Bush left office the reaction was exactly the opposite. Bush wasn’t the right person to be in power at the time, he made so many mistakes that we are still paying for them now, as mentioned before I don’t think he did it because he was bad guy just clueless.

  14. Esperaholon December 17, 2015

    As a person I think Dubbya is great. I would love to have a beer with him and discuss his artwork. As a president Dubbya is one of the worst things to have ever happened to America. But I must say he’s a genius – he played the role of an idiot and people are still falling for it.

    People will blame the folks around and behind him, but claim he’s too stupid to have been in charge. The fact of the matter is Dubbya learned from the best – it is better to be confused for a friendly fool then known as a ruthless genius. And he and his group were ruthless – whether it was burying people (including the Dixie Chicks) with claims of being unpatriotic or just straight up lying (about Kerry’s service record) or even letting classified information “slip” (which almost got an undercover agent killed).

    That said there is plenty of blame to go around – America as a country could have done better then vote for him over and over again. It could have at least curtailed his power by voting out certain individuals in congress. And the Democrats could have had stiffer backbones and not just rolled over. And the Supreme Court could have acted far more in the interests of this country and less off their own personal hobby horses.

    But yeah Bush is fine as someone to talk to, but he should have never been president or even governor of Texas. Here’s hoping we don’t make that mistake again with Jeb.

  15. phoenix2015 December 8, 2015

    President George W. Bush was a lot of things, but I don’t feel that a statesman was one of them. Maybe he would have been a better behind the scenes guy on the administration somewhere. He had a cocky swagger that was reassuring in the sense that it apperad as if he had everything under control, but it would have came off better if combined with the eloquence of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.

    His administrations policies, at first glance, appear to be lacking, but time will tell. President Bush himself said that history will shine a different light on his decisions. I hope he is right.

  16. shenwil November 18, 2015

    I still think he has the blood of those soldiers lost in the unnecessary attacks on Iraq and Afghan. Why would a President risk the lives of his men to enter a war that was not yet threatening the country. This was the deal breaking for me. Plus the recession just happened to have occurred during his term and president Obama has been trying to pick up these pieces ever since he was elected.

  17. JC_224 November 16, 2015

    In my honest opinion I believe George W Bush wasn’t an evil man at heart, just simply naive or manipulated as a puppet for the congress’s best interests. The only thing that strikes me as baffling is the entire ordeal of invading Iraq for what were deemed to be ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ and yet there were non in existence. This felt very dishonest in a lot of ways, however what was even more shocking is the recent revelation that other countries including the UK were aware of the false threat of the WMDs. This seems to be a collaboration between multiple governments rather than the actions of 1 George W Bush.

  18. Alexa November 9, 2015

    With the Iraq inquiries going on, it is being revealed how much he did know and what actions he took despite knowing there were no weapons of mass destruction. How honest was he, or is staying quiet and out of the public eye sensible?

    Do people know that he tried to cut social security, but Congress denied that bill? He is rated one of the poorest Presidents and while it was a difficult time, other Presidents have faced similar challenges.

    I always wondered why he refused to ratify membership of the ICC which the US under Clinton began? Do they fear what they may have done and be prosecuted? It wasn’t only a Constitutional issue as the Republicans claimed, but one that protects the world from human atrocities. He made many mistakes and Obama has been cleaning them up.

  19. zurcminister September 12, 2015

    One of the greater Presidents I know that ever led powerhouse America. He is well known for his policies and role in the war with Iraqi and Afghan forces. I guess he has lots of policies in mind but lacks the time to do so. But still I will rate his Presidency with a decent 3.5 out of 5. There was absolutely room to improve. Combined with the accomplishment of his father and also the former president. Together, they will be remembered as a good pair of Presidents who helped shaped America during the war campaigns overseas but for sure they made their mark.

  20. michaelrydell August 21, 2015

    Guess you have to give credit to the fact that he was president during one of the toughest time periods in recent history. There are things that should have gone much better, but I think the GWB did try to do the right thing, based on the situations and influences around him.

  21. willeum August 6, 2015

    George Bush severely hurt the economy of the US. Spending four trillion on the Iraqi and Afghan wars is insanely costly. The body count from these wars is almost as high as the amount Bush spent. What did he even accomplish from these wars? Bush increased home prices, poverty, and debt. The No Child Left Behind program is his only speckle of good.

  22. michwest14 August 1, 2015

    The only decent thing Bush did was No Child Left Behind and that is still not great. I don’t understand how people don’t see that Bush is at fault for the recession of 2008. He put an incredible amount of focus on the military and didn’t pay attention to much anything else.

  23. Liv6 June 24, 2015

    I believe that George W. Bush truly tried to fulfill the role of president, especially following the happenings of 9/11. However, he caused further ruin to the economy, leading to the recession in 2008 and caused same-sex marriage to be not supported by the Constitution. I think the financial crisis in 2008 was directly caused by lack of attention on the economy and increased focus on the Iraqi War; it could have been avoided. I do appreciate his No Child Left Behind Act. Otherwise, I don’t believe he was a successful president at all.

  24. dharris18 May 26, 2015

    In my opinion, President Bush was not a bad guy, but not a good president either. I believe he had good intentions but just wasn’t sure how to fulfill them.

  25. Salami May 13, 2015

    A great governor but a horrible president. After the first couple of weeks of being a president he started to stutter. I’m serious when I say it is a symptom of brainwashing at worst and being forced to play a part you can’t stand at best.

    It is hard to believe that such a successful governor could turn out to be as bad a president as this man became. I strongly believe it was outside forces that caused his downfall and not himself.

  26. bonzer April 22, 2015

    9/11 happened in his time. It shook the whole world and not just US. It was a clear case of intelligence failure. Everyone kept silent at traumatic times and supported the administration. However, the economy was hit hard and so many jobs were lost. Most of his policies were knee-jerk and sans wisdom.

    Agreed, the enemies should always be stamped under an iron foot, but Bush Jr. sacrificed too many lives waging a pointless battle in Iraq.

  27. Anonymous August 8, 2014

    If you watched his face and emotions you know he was a man of great courage and compassion, which shows with his wounded warrior bike rides, also he has kept quiet with his opinion of barrack obama as president which shows great strength, he tried to satisfy the left and media and that was his downfall, I think history (if education doesn’t hinder it) will be kind to him, we can see what leaving Iraq too early has caused, and o kept us in afghan war which too so many lives, American people need to stop listening to media and come to their own decisions and we could bring this country back where it belongs. Bush gets an A from me

  28. Gary December 28, 2012

    People these days seem to judge the president on how the media portrays them. Unfortunately the media judges the presidents on how charismatic they are. Bush was not charismatic and Obama is.

  29. JoeESQ December 7, 2012

    I have no doubt that this article will get a lot more attention around the next election cycle.

  30. Beers Gordon December 2, 2012

    It is amazing the polical theatre that continues to go on in reference to the tax increases and loop holes.

  31. Ruth Martin October 19, 2012

    I am happy to see that at least some people are standing up for Bush. He is one of the few or our latest presidents that I felt did at least some things right, even though he messed up in other areas. He wasn’t perfect, and made some not so good decisions. But it wasn’t his felt that 9/11 happened while he was in office. If anyone thinks they could’ve done a better job than him, walk a mile in his shoes. Some of the earlier comments said something about a president not being allowed to do whatever they want. That is true – it is for safety, but it also ties the hands of a good president who wishes to do great things.

  32. jordan willmore December 20, 2011

    The numbers reflected by this poll are completely wrong, as president Bush’s approval rating was far below 40% during his second term.

    George Bush was one of the most corrupt presidents ever put into office. The laws passed and crimes committed by Bush are shocking. I urge anyone to study his time in office and learn about what happened behind the closed doors. The patriot act, Guantanamo Prison, No bid contracts, and last but not least a very concealed and incomplete investigation of 9/11.

    Why George Bush and Dick Cheney aren’t behind bars is a mystery to me. Please don’t try to argue with me saying that i’m crazy. These things are all facts and can be found easily by doing some studying. Hundreds of respectable politicians, and political think tanks have written articles about the things mentioned above.

  33. Chris E November 17, 2011

    these numbers are not accurate. If you are taking this seriously than you are massively mis-informed
    http://us.mg5.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch <–this is a link to about over 100 polls which are current. They have pulled the wool over your eyes

  34. owen_mshengu_sharif November 10, 2011

    Where George Hubert Bush was somewhat smart – he was downright evil – whereas Tumbleweed© was/is and always will be far too stupid to have been able to orchestrate or engineer the diabolical mess during his 8 years as president (so they say) But then – both elections where George Walker Bush was “installed” as president – where illegal – stolen votes.

    If anyone disrespected the Office of President – it was G.W. Bush who lied to the American and World Public.

    The Trio; Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld all need to be taken before the World Court and duly prosecuted for their War Crimes and the economic mess they perpetrated – not only upon the gullible – unthinking American public – but the World at large.

    You cannot fight for Peace or Safety – it has to be earned … something most of the Dimwits in Congress and Cabinets seem to be oblivious of. It’s all about “Me-Me, We are the World Leaders in Democracy and All Powerful” and all that hogwash.

    Not since Jimmy Carter and maybe Bill Clinton to some extent – have we seen anything like compassion or connection with the people of America. Abject greed and want and burgeoning Industrial Military Complex – with it’s Wall Street controlled runaway economic waste has become the new norm. Many of the World’s countries/Leaders (especially less powerful nations) see the US as being the model to follow.

    He who Lies, Cheats, Steals and Gets Away with It … Wins …

  35. Bush didn’t cause all of this, he isn’t that smart but his negligence should be taken into consideration since the law doesn’t protect a negligent accessory! But what for he obviously is in part with those who think and act as though they are above the law.

  36. Azdashka January 6, 2011

    the STUPID son of ****

  37. Owen 'mshengu' Greenland January 2, 2011

    George W Bush deserves a 20% max for his rating … and that is being generous at that …

    Barack Obama – for all his cave-in's to the moral majority – (which is neither) is a disgrace as a Democrat President.

    And No-No-No – I do not expect or want to see Hilary become the next presidential nominee. Barack and his camp need to pull their fingers out and do something to save America from those lunatic Tea Party freaks and their ilk …

  38. HJ BOTT December 31, 2010

    This such an obvious GOP link being sand-bagged by the tea-baggers. These are such unrealistic numbers. President Bush will always show up in realistically sampled POLLS as a disastrous leader and President Obama just, this week, had a 73% favorable rating conducted by three news sources. THIS web site IS A DISGRACE to be available through Facebook.

  39. QUEENSARAHKNIGHT December 29, 2010


  40. Pasdonovan December 27, 2010

    This must be a Republican site Bush was one of or should I say WORST resident of the White House!!!!!!

  41. Pking49 December 26, 2010

    Who the hell do you think you are addressing anybody like that? You can't spell. You can't punctuate. You have no common sense or understanding of logic. You have no more idea about what Republicans stand for than you have of polymorphism. People like you are the reason the US is in such a hole. You should not have a vote. This one-man-one-vote business is killing our country. At least make these idiots take an intelligence test and if they can't pass it, they can't vote. Stupid people like this guy are making decisions the rest of us have to live with. It's killing democracy world wide.

  42. Pking49 December 26, 2010

    Blaming myself for what? I didn't invent “majority rule.” Go into any classroom and ask the teacher to show you the grade point average. The smallest number of students are A students. There are a few more D & F students than A students. The vast majority of students in any classroom are C students. In a country run by majority votes, C students are making the decision for all of us. I was never a C student, and I'm not taking the blame for George W. Bush.

  43. Pking49 December 26, 2010

    The operating phrase here is, 'as you remember it.' What you say is completely incorrect. Look it up on Wikipedia.

  44. Pking49 December 26, 2010

    Bush 2 was the worst President in my lifetime and I lived through Nixon, Regan, and Bush 1. He had apparently no agenda except to line the coffers of his friends. He gave away the treasury he inherited for his very intelligent predecessor, then confronted the worst terrorist attack in history and the worst natural disaster in decades and didn't have the money to pay for either of them. He launched the US debt into trillions of dollars, and now his party is demanding that his successor resolve the problems Bush created immediately. It would be funny except this same gang of morons are likely to regain power. Let's face it, “majority decisions” are carried by stupid people.

  45. Demi Lover Shay November 30, 2010

    he sucks

  46. HLeonG September 21, 2010

    Obama is far worse and he is a terminal liar as well without an ounce of genuineness. We can all see him for he what he is. Witout any concern for ordinary people only those who can prolong him in power. He also has a selfish financially profligate wife who is a hypocrit of the worst type – telling everyone how to spend less, be economical, be green while she does the opposite.

  47. HLeonG September 21, 2010

    Obama is far worse and he is a terminal liar as well without an ounce of genuineness. We can all see him for he what he is. Witout any concern for ordinary people only those who can prolong him in power. He also has a selfish financially profligate wife who is a hypocrit of the worst type – telling everyone how to spend less, be economical, be green while she does the opposite.

  48. LeonG September 21, 2010

    He was a man who had genuine empathy for others and when he was with firemen of the military you could see they identified mutusally by the warm reception they gave him. Obama only has empathy for himself & he is extremely arrogant in his demeanour – watch the body language!

  49. LeonG September 21, 2010

    He was a man who had genuine empathy for others and when he was with firemen of the military you could see they identified mutusally by the warm reception they gave him. Obama only has empathy for himself & he is extremely arrogant in his demeanour – watch the body language!

  50. Carter August 8, 2010

    yeah, im just wondering how george bush got a higher rating than barack obama

  51. Chaney3777 July 19, 2010

    Bush/Cheney hands down the worst 8 years. Together they created havoc tht will take decades to repair if it even can be.

  52. keeble Walker March 24, 2010

    George Walker Bush: How coud you, “I’ thought you were my, Bill Clinton homme, two give knowledge, information and neverget aney thingfor, my homeme NASA input, when each ove ous pass uway in death God, charges ous nothing for dying, only tow do better than Adam and Even, maby George walker Bush you will return two your office as president and pull that Grant check and send it two me, the day, Speckkeydowdow NASA payloade in space in that space shuttle with, A, very small red cross on that space shuttle two, knwo that it has happne will revealsomthing baout up their, A, cross is the way tow go, put one on, top ove Barack Bams office building and make suer its red very smaill

  53. Connie March 18, 2010

    Please don’t pass this health care bill, it is a terrible bill we the people don’t want it!

  54. C.M. Phillips January 6, 2010

    There are many of us in Southern Illinois that love George W. Bush, to bad he’s not our President now…I cannot believe the votes that were bought to pass this Health Care Reform….and I hate when people say Obama is from Illinois..You are from Illinois when you are born here, raised here, and stayed here..he wasn’t, and didn’t, he came here around 1990…according to Wikipedia..AND..closing Gitmo..and moving those terrorists into the middle of this country has alot of us very concerned..this Health Package sounds to us like the elderly are not going to get the proper medical care..People that don’t have insurance..guess what they can fine them all they want..if they can’t afford to buy it..they won’t be able to pay a fine..what is wrong with those people in Washington..have they got so power hungry they have forgot who put them there??and..it is to my understanding..this Health Care Reform does not affect them..they have there own private plan..Gee I wonder what that is??? My final words are, “I bet Old Ted Kennedy laughed all the way to HELL..”

  55. Alia December 24, 2009

    Hey, how about a little refresher on who will go down as the worst President ever,
    Just when you think nothing can beat Bush,..along comes Obama,
    brings to mind this little poem,
    The mirror cracked from side to side,
    the curse has come upon me,.. cried,
    the people of US
    Was that Shakespeare, ? anyway, Obama is the curse, in case you have not figured it out yet,.,.
    In the last 6 month I have come across 1 person who agrees with Obama politics!
    In fact most people hate Obama intensly…
    He is at 43% approval now, give him another year, and he will be lower than when Bush left,..seing as Obama is slipping 3 points per month
    And I am not a Bush supporter at all

  56. ken December 13, 2009

    As I remember, t the years of 2000 to 2007 showed the highest GNP, lowest interest rates, lowest unemployment, highest base saleries, a total of less than 3000 US military casualties in 6 years of war in Iraq, no successful attacks on US soil after 911, George W. Bush, VP Cheney, and the head of the FED asked CONGRESS on 5 seperate occassions to bring the housing loan programs under check before it was too late,but Congress ignored them…..etc, but then: AMERICA WANTED CHANGE ! In 2006 America voted in a DEMOCRATIC majority congress… from that point on, check your calanders….everything took a turn for the WORSE ! This appers to me to be a CHANGE from the best economic times in America….to the WORST I
    We can all continue to blame Bush, as the pathetic news media taught us to, or we can once again, use our own brains and realize that what we have now is the most dangerous threat to our freedoms and our way of life ever. Step by step these pathetic nonrepresentative politicians lead us towards a socialist state that THEY run, not the citizens. Are there really people out there who believe the BS the so called news media feeds us….just what the politicians tell them to feed us?
    George W. Bush was President of the United States durring the BEST of times in our great Nation, durring the worst attack ever on our nation, against muslim terrorists world wide, against the pathetic, relentless liberal news media, against a Congess that listens to no one…we had a very good, competent leader, now we have CHANGE…..CHANGE WE CAN’T AFFORD, CHANGE WE COULD DO WITHOUT, UNFORTUNATELY, WE CAN’T TURN BACK THE CLOCK, so let’s hope we can all admit our mistakes, and work together to make a change once again, but this time a change for the better…socialism DOES NOT WORK, Capitalism does, the United States of America, unlike the rest of the world, does work…..we need to change congress, then the administration, then the pathetic belief

  57. Water Spaulding Jr May 5, 2009

    George Bush was one of our Greatest Presidents ever, he kept us all safe ! unlike the one we have now who is only interested in kissing up to all of the word’s worst people, and filling our country with Illegals.

  58. As Obama said … Lets put the past behind us and move forward now…

  59. Carolina April 21, 2009

    Bush, you may have doomed us all

  60. Frederick J. Dilantin March 13, 2009

    GW is a lot different than his father

  61. Mick March 6, 2009

    In life, many people try to emulate their fathers, they are mentors. I followed in the trade that my father chose, wanting to be like him. In my case, both of us were good at it, and made a descent living.
    In BOTH of the Bush`s cases, they were out of their “comfort/brainpower” zone. I have to say, especially with this last numbnut.
    He is not very intelligent.
    Even that fat guy on the radio must admit it. ( then again, he`s not the sharpest tool either)
    The truth,

  62. Frederick J. March 4, 2009

    wow, such heated comments

  63. Luke in Los Angeles February 25, 2009

    we survived his terms, whew !!!

  64. Poor Bush, the last eight would have been hard on anyone

  65. dont know January 27, 2009

    stop blaming bush and start blaming yourselves

  66. Mrge Al January 23, 2009

    Why is everyone so quick as to blame Bush for today’s problems? What we are going through is because of people’s bad choices. We reap what we sow. Immorality brings destruction and sickness. A person accepting a bad loans just to buy a home is not Bush’s fault. I do not believe the “I did not know what I was getting into” replay. How ignorant can one be? Welfare is out of control. This is running the state budget dry. Unwed mother should go after the child’s father not the state. President Bush does not make all the decisions for us, so why blame him for everything. The government still gives millions of grants to organizations which people never hear about, and it’s happening now during this crisis. There will always be wars and I haven’t heard of a war where innocent people did not die. The fact that he sent our troops to fight in Iraq, I believe is to keep the terrorist there and to help liberate the people. The people there were already killing each other. It is easy to blame someone else for the mess that we all have created. Come on America stand up to your mistakes and stop blaming Bush. But as long as man is greedy, jealous, hatful, and lover of himself, we will never see a better tomorrow. No president can solve our problems, but GOD can.
    mrge in California

  67. Lance January 22, 2009

    Mr. Bush: Thank God you are gone and you Will go down as one of the worst presidents America will ever know. God can only help you for the war crimes you and your VP. pupet have made. You and He should be held accountable for this and are ecomomic failure. This is only the tip-of-the-ice-burg of what the American Citizens truly think of you.

  68. only a few days left, i cant wait

  69. jalil January 4, 2009

    how if i ask for help privately mr presiden cause in letter i faxsimile to white house washinghton dc i just left my phone number hope can have call from mr presiden in speech about nuclear launcher cause russian have more than united states (i have it from dmitri medvedev), in real situation myself now need an balance bank cause inquire at empty purchase,so i have mail from america bank said error at bank on line my account number suspend ,and iam checking to atm my card got error to do transaction payment only can get cash in little amount . it can caunt for 3 month wait for mr colin powell sent 50.000 usd in term condition i got robbery at penang malaysia last time see husni mubarak ,i report my bca card and pin code to make sure fastly get transfer money , please help me to result it just for check it can ask general colin powell to reply . bank central asia medan indonesia branch office bukit barisan with bank code cenaidj accept america dollar to account member idr currency .name holder saving tahapan account jalil number 3830852521 . in rules bank accept transfer international can be deliver for 2 day cause me only have saving account not have cheque -deposito-credit card member. and it caunt for 2 day and me only can go to bank office check cause my internet banking got mistake by password in use for klik bca .can mr president give an suggestion to me for find an education in 32 year old cause me not graduate univercity ? i have ferdinandym r .sjcolae deinosis is this certifate 1669 about federal bereau independent or other thing? so i busy to pentagon switchboard just to search for general colin powell in way to need an cash .please sent to indonesia e mail that if understand it can mean i got the answer.

  70. gaetano January 3, 2009

    You sick FU%%%. I am so tired of hearing you talk about our president,George Bush. This man did exactly what he should have done in 911.Do any of you jerks think that he could just ignor are safety.What happened in george Bushes term is the result of Bill Clintton.Because of the way that you talk about him,I wish now that he would have just sat back and let us be destroyed.Maybe then some of you idiots FU%%% out there would appreciate life today.Mr. Bush has done a lot for our country and if you don`t see how or what then your just as stupid as the jungle bunnies that voted for Obamma. You must think that a president can do what ever he wants to.If you believe this ,you still believe in the easter bunny.I hope all you Bush haters starve to death,and you lose every thing you own ,when your precious con man becomes president. If your democratic leaders thought anything of your welfare they would have stop all this so called bad sh%% that Bush was supposed to have done when they took over the congress 2 years ago.Instead they did every thing to hurt you so that you would be sure to vote for a democrat and you fell for it. Now you will suffer,and so will I for what you sick FU&&& have done.I hope I get the chance to meet some of you Bush haters so that I can spit in your faces.

  71. Tom Hollis December 17, 2008

    George Bush is without a doubt the biggest criminal to ever hold any political office in this country and that’s saying something. His administration has never missed a chance to steal or finagle at any opportunity. My only hope is that at some point in time he and Cheney will be tried for war crimes. But I’m not very optimistic. Judging with what Obama has done so far it’s obvious white people do not have exclusive domain over corupt political practices.

  72. Debbie in atlanta December 10, 2008

    his end of term rule changes are putting the nail in our collective coffins

  73. i pray we can recover from 8 years of environmental neglect

  74. Jules in Miami FL November 25, 2008

    I didnt think i would make it through his term, lol

  75. Bill in Austin November 25, 2008

    what interresting comments

  76. saneman November 11, 2008

    It’s common knowledge that the fault for the mortgage and financial crisis / meltdown lies with Democrats going back to Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. The current scoundrels in congress vehemently opposed any attempts to slowdown or reform what fannie mae and freddie mac were doing….

  77. Jason November 10, 2008

    Some very interesting posts to GW at http://www.WhatWouldYouSayToThePresident.com You Can write a letter or upload a video

  78. Phil November 10, 2008

    I hope the world and the country will survive from all the damage this guy and his administration has caused

  79. Pastor Buck October 31, 2008

    Wow talking about buying lies hook line and sinker.
    Take a long look around you.
    George Bush jr has been two things; one the worst speaker this country has ever had and two the most powerful president. He used and misused his executive powers to force his policies on others.
    WMD was a lie he sold to congress.
    with the current economy the way it is do you think he or Dick are hurting for money? or Papa Bush who was the chief adviser for several military contractors. Yes there still is money in war for some along with the death of our children and the countless deaths of others.
    The Taliban as bad as they are wiped out the opium production the Northern Alliance we used to call drug lords now we support them and Heroin is at an all time high in this country with near 90% of it coming from Afghanistan. Hmm are we really safer or just under the influence.
    I’m not glad to see that blind patriotism is still alive in this country.

  80. Jason October 27, 2008

    You should also check out: http://WhatWouldYouSayToThePresident.com.
    There are some very interesting comments from people all over the country. You can write a letter or upload a video.

  81. Zoey October 8, 2008

    Dear ‘Anon’,

    You have come up with the best idea, of all times I will vote for you anytime. After seeing my 401k dwindle and which will take 3 more years to make up for the losses, I am numb with frustrations at this economic decline. And I do still have a job, what about all those folks who are now unemployed! Add to your list all of the student loans and parent plus loans needs to be absorbed by the Federal govt. if they can give all of these huge bailouts, what about all of the poor ( & I literally mean poor)students and parents who are struggling to make their payments just to get a decent education so that they can get a job to pay into the tax revenues! The politicians and this government has definitely ruined this great country. We the taxpayers are just held hostages to the greedy politicians who live high on the hog!

  82. Zoey October 8, 2008

    My sentiments exactly John, you couldnt have said it better. Blame the Republicans and all those darn Evangelicals & Independents who voted for him!
    They all need to take the blame for the mess, as well as all those greedy executive bankers, CEOs, financial investors, the greedy home appraisers and vulture realtors, they should all be held accountable and made to pay back all the millions of bonuses they have received.

  83. John Swinburne October 8, 2008

    President Bush was elected initially through a “fixed” election. Despite the country knowing of his moral deficiency, he was elected for a second term, and took the country into a war based on egoistic goals and known false intelligence. The American people must share the consequences of electing this administration that has destroyed (for the time being) global respect for the US and contributed to the fanatism of avowed enemies. In focusing on his personal goals for personal historical agrandizement, Mr Bush allowed the criminal free rein of financial despots that has now, brought his own and the global economy to its knees. The US would do well to adopt an administration that allows other nations to tend to their own affairs, as it attends to the needs of its own citizens. Mr President I am sure you are guaranteed a place in history,

  84. saneman October 6, 2008

    Somebody tell Andrew Yu-Jen Wang that over half of the electoral college and the American people disagreed with him in 2000 and 2004. He’s trying to keep George Bush from getting re-elected I guess!!!!!!!

  85. saneman October 6, 2008

    OOPS,,, i hit enter or submit by mistake… that’s OK…

    Here’s the other references of genuine descent from the mankind causes global warming idiocy:



    Most of what liberals believe is lies, wrong economic and political theories and misinformation.

    Here are other high profile opinion makers who hold President George Bush in esteem. http://townhall.com/Columnists/LarryElder/2008/05/22/historians_write_off_bushs_presidency



    Like him or not, he has been, overall a great leader, under unbelievable, unpatriotic attack from the liberal press, who have done a disservice to our country.

  86. saneman October 6, 2008

    A critique of the comments of Stacy B, July 27:

    Stacy B, “Our country is in the trouble it is in today” because of the one-sided liberal media and pinheads that believe their hype. I’m as well or better informed than any poster here. I complained about a “few hundred towel heads” who can’t decide on worship. I did not “degrade an entire culture”. While the term “towel-head” may be considered derogatory, my criticism was and is directed at the few 10th century nitwits who want to have us all bowing to Mecca upon threat of decapitatiion. These individuals, a small percentage of the Islamic community, deserve being disparaged and defeated. Before 9-11 no one realized how large an organization they had. I said “had” because thanks, primarily to George Bush, our government, and governments worldwide have put a crimp in their operations. Now we’ll take care of the enclaves on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan and hopefully, be done with the bulk of the “War on Terror”. There is a war on terror. THERE IS NO WAR IN OR WITH IRAQ!!! They are our ally! Afghanistan and Pakistan are our allies, but need to become better allies. There was a war in Iraq, but that ended when the President said “Mission accomplished.” After that, our soldiers were involved in “mopping up operations”, also known as anti-insurgency battles. These are skirmishes, bombings by a “few hundred towel-heads who can’t decide which form of Islam to force upon the world”. I’m referring, of course, to the Shiite Sunni conflict, which is a centuries old religious feud. We should stay as far away from that as possible. Thankfully, most Moslems don’t fight each other or kill over which brand of Islam they want to practice, but the cowards who killed innocent women and children at the World Trade Center and in Pennsylvania are irrational fanatics. The only way you could say that there was still a war in Iraq is in the sense that the Leader of Al Quaeda said that Iraq is the frontline of their battle with the “Great Satan”.
    Our soldiers have died to support our freedom and to help bring freedom to other nations. This in turn should benefit us by creating more free, live and let live societies in the midst of radical Islamist hellholes. We will siphon off their poor disfunctional young recruits into the normal desire for a happy and prosperous life which they may have if they apply themselves.
    The economy will likely now go into a recession thanks to Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and cowardly Republicans who wouldn’t join John McCain in 2005 and George Bush when they tried to rein in the abusive lending practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! This was entirely avoidable and now we’ve got a socialist, tax hiking, ignoramus who thinks he can sit down with worldwide terrorists without pre-conditions who may “profit” by this democrat caused economic downturn! The economy has been excellent for the bulk of George Bush’s administration despite the best lying efforts of Democrat punks and their bootlicking media friends.
    There have always been homeless people and there always will be homeless people and poor people. Get used to it. This is the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. We have the right to Life (not to be aborted by our moms), Liberty (not to have our voices censored on radio or our guns removed from our homes) and the Pursuit of Happiness. The homeless have the right to pursue happiness, to get a job, to find a way to clean up their lives. You’ll find many of them want to live the way they do , or at least, are unwiliing to make the necessary changes to improve their lives. The government is not responsible to provide for its citizens; this is not a socialist nation in case you didn’t know.
    Stacy B said: Also Global warming is a myth? Have you lost your ming? Do some research before you write please.
    ME: Sure, here are 31,000 scientists who will tell you that manmade global warming is a myth: PETITION PROJECT
    More references:

  87. Andrew Yu-Jen Wang October 6, 2008

    George W. Bush’s sentence-by-sentence speaking skills are deteriorating. Apparently, this may be due to a mental illness called “presenile dementia.” Bush may or may not be secretly still drinking heavily. Bush lied, and thousands of people died. Bush suffers from narcissism and megalomania. Moreover, Bush has been arrested three times. Bush was arrested for disorderly conduct. Bush was arrested for stealing. Bush was also arrested for a serious crime—driving under the influence of alcohol. There are reasons to believe that Bush suffers from a learning disability. Bush’s learning disability would explain a lot of things. All in all, Bush is a severely mentally ill individual. Bush is not fit to be the president of the United States.

    Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
    B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
    Messiah College, Grantham, PA

  88. Anon Email September 29, 2008

    I’m against the $85,000,000, 000.00 bailout of AIG.

    Instead, I’m in favor of giving $85,000,000, 000 to America in
    a ‘We Deserve It Dividend’.

    To make the math simple, let’s assume there are 200,000,000
    bonafide U.S. Citizens 18+.

    Our population is about 301,000,000 +/- counting every man, woman
    and child. So 200,000,000 might be a fair stab at adults 18 and up.

    So divide 200 million adults 18+ into $85 billon that equals
    My plan is to give $425,0 00 to every person 18+ as a We Deserve It

    Of course, it would NOT be tax free.

    So let’s assume a tax rate of 30%.

    Every individual 18+ has to pay $127,500.00 in taxes.
    That sends $25,500,000, 000 right back to Uncle Sam.

    But it means that every adult 18+ has $297,500. 00 in their pocket.

    A husband and wife has $595,000.00.

    What would you do with $297,500.00 to $595,000.00 in your family?

    Pay off your mortgage – housing crisis solved.

    Repay college loans – what a great boost to new grads

    Put away money for college – it’ll be there

    Save in a bank – create money to loan to entrepreneurs.

    Buy a new car – create jobs

    Invest in the market – capital drives growth

    Pay for your parent’s medical insurance – health care improves

    Enable Deadbeat Dads to come clean – or else

    Remember this is for every adult U S Citizen 18+ including the folks
    who lost their jobs at Lehman Brothers and every other company
    that is cutting back. And of course, for those serving in our Armed

    If we’re going to re-distribute wealth let’s really do it…instead of
    trickling out a puny $1000.00 ( ‘vote buy’ ) economic incentive that is
    being proposed
    by one of our candidates for President.

    If we’re going to do an $85 billion bailout, let’s bail out every adult
    U S Citizen 18+!

    As for AIG – liquidate it.
    Sell off its parts.
    Let American General go back to being American General.
    Sell off the real estate.
    Let the private sector bargain hunters cut it up and clean it up.

    Here’s my rationale. We deserve it and AIG doesn’t.

    Sure it’s a crazy idea that can ‘never work.’

    But can you imagine the Coast-To-Coast Block Party!

    How do you spell Economic Boom?

    I trust my fellow adult Americans to know how to use the $85 Billion
    We Deserve It Dividend more than I do the geniuses at AIG or in
    Washington DC.

    And remember, The Family plan only really costs $59.5 Billion because
    $25.5 Billion is returned instantly in taxes to Uncle Sam.

    Ahhh…I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

    Kindest personal regards,
    A Creative Guy & Citizen of the Republic.

  89. Jason September 25, 2008

    This dummy went on tv and tried to sell us on his economic plan… YOU DUMM You are teh reason we are in this mess in teh first place! Just sit silently for the next 40 days and leave us in peace!

  90. Anthony September 13, 2008

    The Big Dopey Son who took the Ferrari out – and then wrapped it around the
    tree around the block.

  91. TG September 6, 2008

    To The President

    Do you mean democracy and civilization to hit poor countries through your army and destroy them or the word democracy and civilization is the meaning of killing innocent citizen of innocent countries or the meaning of democracy in your eyes is to damage other countries by sending your troops from one part of the world to other part of the world or you mean the democracy is to wear no clothes have no food, no money and no shelter to live Mr. President.

    If you think you are living in a democrat and civilized world which you are trying to create from past 30 years of time, i will say you are one of the stupid person in this entire society of this world. America do makes friends but for very short time, they do make allies but for there own sake and there benefits.

    Looking to your white skin collar that your heart is blacker than any other black person. What America did up till now in this entire world history knows very well fro your own sake and the citizen of America President like you who ruled Americans one after the other have destroyed a small sub-continental countries. Today you feel you have win and achieved your goal by making our greater country India slave once again, which my country diplomats as well as the political leaders couldn’t understand you, but more or less i do understand your entire planning’s.

    I say that by signing this nuclear deal you will be not allowed to use our sea ports and air ports to hit china or other country of the world. Mr President when you laugh your evil deed shines from your face, I also wish to inform you that in this entire world the Barr crates are working with the entire machinery of the country therefore calling your self civilized and democrat is rubbish. You stink like a pig therefore you cannot be a civilized or democrat person. Civilizes human being do take care of every human being of the world. Civilized and democrat human being will not order there forces to kill baby born children of other countries and to make blood shade in the other countries of the world.

    You should feel shame for the deeds you have done in the past and today and I hope that the coming president of the country will learn from your blender your mistakes and will not order the forces of your country to destroy any other small country of the world and must not act in the devil way as you have acted till date. The oil prices where shooted up on your inspections, the gold prices have gone up on your inspection to make fortune money which you have lost in a stupid way by fighting in other countries.

    I suggest you to pray to god for the forgiveness for the bad deeds which you have done in your presidency time. If you are really a human being and so called civilized and democrat then before leaving the president house you must say sorry to the entire world for your bad deeds and you must also accept that you have taken your fathers revenge by destroying Iraq. Think for better life and think for better future don’t plan any more to destroy any other country.

    Hope you will think with your cool mind and feel sorry for your bad deeds. Thanks for going through this mail, yours most Sincerely TG.

  92. Jay September 5, 2008


  93. Jay September 5, 2008

    Oh, Please do not foreget that this. IT IS GOD WHO PROTECTS, NOT MAN.

  94. Zoey August 17, 2008

    Saneman!!! you should be adding ‘in’ to your blog name in front of it …….bwah..hahaha!!
    I guess this economy really hasn’t affected you a bit & the Bush administration have nothing to do with it? who is allowing jobs to leave the US & leaving thousands of of americans without jobs and the list could go on & on………….and ‘a few towelheads’ you say, what a disgusting way to describe our brave soldiers, not to mention the ones who have died and the others who are crippled & mamed?……….you sound like a nut case who lives in another world!

  95. TXDave August 17, 2008

    Bush is an an amazing man. No single president has ever done so much damage to a nation in such a short time as his last 8 years. The assault on the constitution has been unprecedented and I believe that war crimes will be brought against this Terrorist In Chief after he is out of office.

    You can run and you can hide Bush, but you are a war criminal nonetheless. Please go live in your 98000 acre ranch in Paraguay so we never have to look at your disgusting mug again. May God have mercy on you for what you have done to the world and to the USA.

  96. lin8644 August 12, 2008

    Bush at the Olympics says he is taking a hard line with China… Why don’t you take a hard line with yourself and bring our troops home!

  97. Stacy B July 27, 2008

    Wow saneman is a true testament as to why our country is in the trouble it is in today. He has truly buried his head in the sand. First of all the “few hundred towel heads” who can’t decide on worship? That ignorance is why thousands of our young men and women have come home in body bags, because their is no war? First of all you are degrading an entire culture and secondly by stating their is no war what have our soldiers who have died given up their life for?
    As for the economy doing great as a result of the stimulus plan, are you for real? Go to any homeless shelter and see just how many families are there.
    Also Global warming is a myth? Have you lost your ming? Do some research before you write please. You say that the NY TImes has posted propaganda, but you in your blind support for Bush have began believing your own type of propaganda. You are truly delusional.

  98. saneman July 18, 2008

    Sorry, one more peeve to ponder…. there is no warrantless wiretapping of American civilians. Its calls coming in from overseas terrorist connections that are being tapped. This would have been a successful operation to continue protecting our lives, but a certain un-American newspaper, the New York Times, as I recall, chose to blow the cover on it. They ignored requests to keep this quiet for the good of the country, and place their own arrogance above the judgment of those better informed, just to stir up the liberal neurotics with something to hide in their phone conversations, and to caricature the administration as snoops into private lives, instead of patriots protecting lives which is what they were and are . No doubt, the program is of limited use now, since the traitors have made it front page news. Yet the evidence that the surveillance program is perfectly innocent is that it passed through congress this past week with a wide margin!! Go Bush! 4 more years! C’mon, Jeb!

  99. saneman July 18, 2008

    The ignorance of the average comments and criticism of President Bush is staggering!! There is no war in Iraq! There’s a few hundred towel-heads that can’t decide which version of their religion is better, that don’t trust the other flavor to be in charge. There are political skirmishes. Al-Qaeda in Iraq is defeated thanks to the efforts of the American, British and Aussies primarily. Al-Qaeda themselves said that Iraq was their primary operation. Now, it looks like things are shifting to Afghanistan again, so we’ll go pound them over there. The region as a whole is no doubt a nightmare of conflicts, feuds and backwards thinking. However, if Iraq and perhaps Afghanistan can become lighthouses of freedom and economic opportunity to the average Muslim in the Middle East then there will be fewer of them joining up to defeat the “evil” United States by murdering innocent civilians!! This is a worthy goal, and brilliant strategy that Bush’s administration will be credited with despite the mainstream media onslaught against this dedicated public servant. I’m proud of President Bush. I only wish he would stand up more for himself and let people realize the specific threats that our nation has avoided. The ones that are known to the general public are proof enough that his leadership has been astoundingly successful.
    Our economy has been very good until recently. Most credit the Bush tax reductions for the middle and upper class as having fueled our economy. Its amazing that it rebounded after 9/11, which injured us in many sectors, especially air travel and related businesses, such as tourism. But, its been eight years of growth, not enough now, but no recession. The housing market is not controlled by the white house! The lending practices of certain mortgagees need to be policed and corrected. The housing market is flooded with new homes, more than there is need for… naturally, if there’s too much supply, demand and values plummet. Welcome to free market capitalism.
    I hope you know that Valerie Plame was not a secret ops or undercover agent. She had a desk job, and her husband let people know who he was married to. Her name was revealed to the press by someone outside of the administration and the idiot prosecutor in charge knew this when he started his farse of a prosecution against innocent people, who no doubt did have a grudge against Wilson. Can’t blame them for that…. he’s little more than a traitor and there is no way that he could visit South Africa, I believe it was, and determine that there was no yellow cake uranium being sold there….I don’t think they put it out on the farmer’s market for him to inspect!.. That sort of thing is illegal, black market operations. He had no basis for his conclusions, while our allies in England stood by their intel on this. There was an effort by the Bush White House to emphasize the nuclear threat of Saddam. It was Saddam himself who was falsifying the info, as I recall. He was trying to get the Iranians to think he had more than he actually did, which ended up with every major security report, every leading government of the world, and the majority of all members of Congress including Hillary and John Kerry calling for Saddam Hussein to be disarmed and brought under control. We should have done it in the first Gulf War, but oh well. At least he’s gone and 5 or 6 million people can now lead happier productive lives thanks primarily to George W. Bush.
    Don’t get me started on the idiots in New Orleans that don’t have more sense than to live under sea level, be warned for 5 or 6 days non-stop to get out of the way of a powerful hurricane, and then stay there…. why should any one feel sorry for them or their town. That is a local problem and I resent one dollar of the federal budget, our tax dollars going to rebuild that town, notorious for drunkeness and whore houses. If they had any competence in the mayor’s office or their governor’s house it would have been handled far better. Yes, the person appointed the head of FEMA probably was unqualified for the job. (Any time you have a huge bureaucracy trying to get something done, its not likely to be done well: that includes the future of medical care in the U.S. if national health care gets approved, a disaster waiting to happen!) The gulf coast of Mississippi was hit almost as hard as New Orleans. They have never whined and complained, and they had competent leadership in their governor’s office, have rebuilt successfully. George Bush is President not God, he can’t stop bad things from happening to people, sorry!
    President Bush’s response to 9/11 was as good or better than anyone else could have done, especially the idiotic hypocrite Al Gore, who thinks global warming is real. He’s such a coward he won’t even debate his opponents.. yea , what a leader he would have made.
    Glad and bill w made good points. THe reactions of Emma and Tyler to another blog seemed a little over the top. There are more trees in the United States now than there have ever been. Conservationism is practiced here more than most places in the world. The blogger wasn’t suggesting that we do away with trees, grass or air, I assure you. It’s OK.
    He/she may have just been saying that a liberal in the White House may have been distracted from actual terrorist attacks on our country, S.S. Cole, the first Twin Tower bombing, the embassy bombings and more that were being masterminded by Al Qaeda. That administration, which had the opportunity to capture or kill Bin Laden on at least on three occasions didn’t have the guts to do anything. He was too busy seducing or being seduced by interns and troubled widows like Kathleen Willey. It was his administration that gave the technology for the Chinese to put nukes in space. It was his administration who vetoed the last effort to begin drilling for more of our own oil, which we have PLENTY OF !! It was his administration, which inherited an economic recovery, and was benefited by a Republican takeover of the corrupt democratic controlled House, that decided to treat terrorists acts as a police matter instead of a worldwide jihad on us! Yes, 9/11 was avoidable and no, you idiots, it couldn’t have been an inside job. Bin Laden himself bragged about what was happening on TV to his buds at the time it was happening. The engineering of the building collapses has already been substantiated and explained. Most of the bad things happening to us now are a result of Bill Clinton and the liberal media which slants the news and ignores our patriots who volunteer!! to serve our country in those God awful places overseas. Remember to pray for them and for your president regardless of his political affiliation. I hope this helps someone…. saneman

  100. Janelle July 10, 2008

    The poor people of Hurricane Katrina I mean could the government get anything right? It is pathetic the way they have treated the people and to now subject them to RV’s filled with formaldehyde. Bush has been falling from grace for some time but this has just put the final nail in his coffin with the American people.

  101. William Sharp June 30, 2008

    Not even close. There is no part of this Bush administration which will be admirable. 911 gave GW Bush strong foreign support which since his handling and invasion of Iraqi has disappeared. The economy is in a shambles, terrorism allowed to limit constitutional guarantees, advisers given unfortunate and mostly unfortunate latitude, a vice president who selected himself and the got away with huge issues, very bad (but loyal appointments of friends), stacking the supreme court (with one etc. etc. I have taught American History at major universities for 35 years. GW has gone from hopeful to maybe to poor to horrible. I am not certain he is the worst president we have ever had (Buchannan seems more likely) but GW is in the bottom 5

  102. bill w June 27, 2008

    Regarding Katrina, the pictures of the estimated 144 flooded school buses is telling. Why were they not mobilized to evacuate citizens?

  103. Classy bunch of posters, too few who understand how our government works.The President in only reponsible for 1/3 of our government. Why don’t you speak to our Congress who have been well aware of what was going to happen with fuel prices for at least two decades? Where was Congress while adjustable rate mortgages were being doled out like candy? For that matter where has Congress been at all, with the exception of investigating baseball.
    Things suck for you so it must be the President’s fault? How many of you are driving hybrids or cars that get over 30 mpg? What would you have the President do about the economy? Hey folks the economy is US, if we don’t spend or spend too much..hello? Consumers drive the economy not the government and there is very little the government can do about the economy.
    Now the democrats want to raise taxes and have grandiose plans for yet another round of large social programs to “take care of the little people”. Hey folks check your history books and see how well those have worked in the past, does the Great Society ring a bell? ABJECT FAILURE!
    So as you diss the Pres. just remember that because of him you keep more of your tax dollars to spend on the things you need. And remember too that the democrats now admit to politicizing the war for their particular gain in the last election. http://www.politico.com/

    In other words you were lied to and you bought it hook line and sinker and some of you are STILL buying it!

    We’re all hurting right now but the best action does not involve finger pointing, the best action is voting out a do nothing congress, reforming how we finance elections(does it seems somewhat insane to spend millions to ge a job that pays low 6 figures?), getting a comprehensive energy plan that increases supply and decreases demand, encourages new technologies etc.
    You know if you build enough Nuke plants in this country we could provide a lot of jobs,same with windfarms and solar farms and at the same time take yet another step to energy independence. Till we win that battle the economy will stink. We’re tied to oil and it is killing our country. For eight years Bush has pushed for a comprehensive energy policy, please go read what Congress has given us.

  104. Emma May 18, 2008

    Hey Lex, you are an ignoramus!.what planet are you on? unless you are a rich spoiled brat & never had to work one hard day in your life…. you sound like the economy does not affect you one bit,. How dare you call us Anti-Americans..& whats wrong with growing grass & saving trees? have you ever planted anything in your life? doesnt look so….without trees we’d all be dead!!!! check out Arborday.org! Bush is the worst president ever! he& Cheney are two lying,greedy selfish dogs………..they have destroyed this once beautiful country.

  105. Kendra May 13, 2008

    Why wouldn’t the president where a tuxedo at his daughter’s wedding. This just goes to show the simplistic mind of the man that runs this country.

  106. michigan May 6, 2008

    I blame the american people that voted for him they are the ones that screwed the rest of us over and I think they should be the ones that has to pay back for all the debts he has caused

  107. Michiganlady May 6, 2008

    Don’t blame Bush It’s the ones that voted for him that screwed the rest of us over…

  108. Tyler May 6, 2008

    This shows your ignorance Lex. We will all be dead without the trees and the grass. Even if the terrorist don’t get us the environment will! It is not anti American to speak out against the president, thats why the constitution gives us freedom of speech!

  109. Lex May 4, 2008

    You all on this site are anti American by speaking so negatively about our current president he is the representation of our great country and keeps us safe from terrorists! Bush has done a great job with national security and while it may have cost us financially at least he has kept our children safe. That is what matters most! You think the Democrats would have kept us safe! No they would have been to busy trying to grow grass or save a tree!

  110. bob May 2, 2008

    im in school

  111. Stan April 29, 2008

    Bush actually had the nerve to make jokes about Hillary dodging bullets and Obama being in church? This is hysterical from a man whose entire 2 terms in office have been a joke. I hope that when his term in office comes to a close (if he has not destroyed whats left of the good old usa) he looks back on his time and realizes just how terrible he was for our country. I can just only hope that Americans do not make our situation worse (if that can be possible) by voting in another Republican!

  112. trinidee April 25, 2008

    i think kanye west was right about this guy. his response during hurricane katrina was horrible, he didnt even get out of the helicopter. HE SHOULD BE ASHAMED AT HIMSELF

  113. ianesco April 21, 2008

    this guy has done soo much damage, and they wanted to impeach Clinton? politicians are crazy and this guy is the ring leader

  114. citizen of the universe April 16, 2008

    i thought that politicians and rich greedy people had done a massive amount of damage to the planet and its people before, but you have managed to make things worse

    it is no wonder you are such a believer in an impending apocalypse

    the effects of your actions will eventually do more damage than any anti-christ could hope to do

    your whole family should be ashamed of you

  115. jdub April 14, 2008

    look what this moron has done to our magnificent country. him and cheney are the first two horsemen of the apocolypse

  116. Stacy April 7, 2008

    Great idea President Bush, giving us poor American’s a rebate to put back into the economy. Hello! This only helps the rich folks who don’t have to save the money! All of us broke people who have negative bank accounts will not gain a cent from this! It will do nothing for our economy! Stop spending a billion dollars on a useless war to help the people of Iraq and help your own people! We need you!

  117. Lorraine Honie March 31, 2008

    Bush has said that he was going to take care of the veterans – yet when a veteran asks for financial assistance because of injuries sustained in the war, or of having to forever deal with PTSD or hearing loss over the years, yet they get denied. I know some of the Native American Warriors who are getting the short end of the promises. My question is did his promises only deals with other warriors than the Native Americans. I am beginning to wonder if race has anything to deal with it.

  118. bob March 20, 2008

    george bush is the worst president same with his dad they suck big monkey balls

  119. heeda February 21, 2008

    What else is there to say but thank GOD his time in office is coming to an ebd!

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  121. Khalid February 16, 2008

    Though Gov Bush could not give speeches very well, that doesnt mean he was a complete moron. I refer to him as Governor Bush because that was the last position he held legally. He came in to the white house with a plan and a regime of followers. They can call themselves republicans, democrats, conservatives, what have you, but in the end we will all realize the true causes 9/11, (when the World Trade Centers were under controlled demolition, to use the sight to bring fear to the nation). You may call me and all other who believe this “conspiracy theorists”, but the evidence is overwhelming in that it suggests Bush has had a plan that has been put into effect. This plan has been indoctrinated to the main stream media and the American people have been eating up. His own influences include the Council on Foreign Relations (which Dick Cheney was Director of and still is a member of, which btw is a descendant of the Illumanati); and lets not forget The New American Century which is well under way and the explanation behind “The War on Terror” (which is a war that no one can claim victory, is it when all the terrorists die? or when they become passive and allow the militants of America to extract all the oil and kill off every Palestinian?) and the explanation of why we are in Iraq, why theres discussion of Iran, and so much more. What the history books should say is how Americans were distracted with entertainment and consumption, while evil tyrants did as they pleased. Everyone in the world, Americans, the tyrants, the innocent, all have under-estimated the internet and exchange of information. At this time we rely on youtube, google, and current.com along with other streaming networks for documentaries and other medias to show the people whats really going in the world. Thats all for me, I hope that my comments will be met by open-mindedness and only criticizes if it is false in any way. It should not be discredited by people who put labels of slander on any opposition of their beliefs or values. Thank you. For more on Bush’s influences check out the Council on Foreign Relations website; http://www.cfr.org ; and http://www.newamericancentury.org ; or youtube any topics just to see what you might find.

  122. Tina February 1, 2008

    Bush is an idiot! He has made our nation the laughing stock of the world! We were better off living in the time of “Reganomics” then we are now! His response to Katrina alone showed the world how little he cares for Americans. Fueled by his desire for money and oil he disgraced America by ruining a country and devastating its people. He is the reason that terrorists will never leave us alone. Thank God his time is almost up, and shame on all the idiots who voted him in office for a second term!

  123. Marc January 31, 2008

    I am seriously frightened about the downward spiral our Great country is in right now. people have poured their blood, sweat and tears into this country to get it where it was.

    Hopefully the damage that the Bush administration has done can be fixed, at home and over-seas. The amount of “collateral damage” in the form of civillian deaths in Iraq and Afganistan is horrible.

  124. Leroy January 28, 2008

    Zach, from that list it may appear that President Bush messed up several things, but been faced with several highly difficult problems in his 8 years as President. I personally think our country has not faced these types of problems since world war 2. we have a new economy, facing a new type of warfare in Iraq and domestically, in addition to having severely divided congress which can not accomplish much….

  125. suzyb2123 January 28, 2008

    wow Zachary, did you think of that list off the top of your head? I have at least one thing to add to it; bush’s delayed reaction on 9-11.

    I am seriously fearful of the dirrection the country is going. on top of that, the bush administration is preventing us from cleaning up the environment by insisting further research has to be done.


  126. Zachary January 28, 2008

    Between the war in Iraq, the housing crisis, the limping economy, sky-rocketing health care costs, the CIA agent leak and the U.S. Attorney scandal no one will ever be able to say you were not buisy.

    I personally can not wait to see what the history books say about your presidency.