Felipe Calderón: President of Mexico


Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa (born on August 18, 1962) is the current President of Mexico. He assumed office on December 1, 2006, and was elected for a single six-year term through 2012. He is a member of the National Action Party(PAN), one of the three major Mexican political parties.

6 Thoughts to “Felipe Calderón: President of Mexico”

  1. YJ

    I hope you can get those drug cartels under control. But I know us americans are feeding the flames with our need for illegal drugs.

  2. Felipe, Please work with Obama to stop the cartels. How many people have to be killed before we take serious action?

  3. Sarah

    I think that you have brought up an excellent point. It is interesting that they are our neighbors and that we are on good terms with them. One would think that between the drug cartel and illegal immigration we would not be as friendly as we appear to be. I hope that Obama and Felipe are capable on solving some of these pressing issues.

  4. Daniel

    I think that something needs to be done between the US and Mexico while the relationship is still positive. I agree that we, as Americans, are the major user of drugs. This does offer the Mexican cartel the perfect way to get and stay rich. I am not sure what can be done but perhaps these two great minds can find a solution together.

  5. Joe

    Mexican mafia boss. That says it all.

    Obama is cut from the same cloth. The dead gays in Obama's former church in Chicago conveniently “died” violently.

    Stupid, naive Americans will see no connection.

  6. Joe

    Come on, if he wanted to stop them, he would.

    That means he doesn't really want to stop them. Why??

    He makes money on them, kid. Corrupt…he is corrupt, like all Mexican officials.


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