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  1. Jerry D. June 20, 2020

    What blithering maniac, can’t believe people follow this moron!

  2. Socialism sucks July 12, 2016

    He has my vote

  3. nytegeek July 7, 2016

    Did anybody see Trump on TV today? He flat out accused Hilary Clinton of bribery in the whole debacle over her email and the investigation being closed. He wants us to believe the FBI Director, the Attorney General are complicate with Hillary Clinton in a conspiracy to stop prosecution over her using a private email server while she was Secretary of State. Trump has clearly gone off the deep end and will say anything to draw a crowd, but people seem to eat it up. I’m scared of what this man might do when he has real power in our government and can do crazy things in addition to saying crazy things.

  4. nytegeek June 30, 2016

    First I would like @oportosanto to understand that Bush & Trump were nothing alike, and neither were the campaigns. It is a very poor comparison.

    Other comments from people supporting Trumps stance on terrorism are even more ridiculous. You support a xenophobic approach to other nations and the violation of civil rights by singling out people by religion? Trumps attitudes towards immigrants and anybody different than him will only serve to fuel terrorism against the USA. You don’t end terrorism by victimizing and marginalizing groups of people for reasons that don’t make sense like their religion or national origin. You can’t fight terrorism by providing fuel for hatred against the USA.

  5. Norjak71 June 21, 2016

    As offensive as Mr. Trump can be too many I will still probably support him even though their are many policies I simply don’t agree with and he at times, like Hillary, seems to be trying to appeal to voters without actually believing what he is saying. The one thing I respect is his stance on terrorism, he seems like he actually wants to do something about it and has no problem calling it terrorism, without getting into a huge debate about gun control.

  6. oportosanto June 20, 2016

    Trump is a massive surprise here. His abrupt style is conquering, but looking at the republican side it’s not really a surprise as they elected Bush before.

  7. Hades June 20, 2016

    Honestly, Donald is starting to sound like a president more and more. I watch literally all of his speeches, I like to hear hear him talk because he doesn’t really sound like a politicians, he sounds like he says what he feels about the country.

    I like that he wants to build a wall, he wants to bring jobs back to the country, and a many other things. I do still think he falls in the category of individuals who say they will do something but can’t do it because they have to go threw congress. If congress does not approve of a $12,000,000,000 dollar wall, we will never see it.

    So much for promises, he is a good business man, but if he can’t reallocate our nations current budget to something that would allow him to sign orders for the things he promises the American people, he won’t be changing America either.

  8. Jonathan Saelens June 20, 2016

    Trump is the anti Obama candidate. He speaks his mind and doesn’t care who he offends. I agree with his views on immigration and a temporary ban on people from Islamic countries who don’t necessarily have America’s best interests at heart. I honestly laugh when I hear Trump of being accused of racist. I’ve yet to hear anyone give one quote of Trump saying anything racist. No, Islam is not a race. Islam is apolitical religious ideology that consists of various races from around the world.

    Mexican is not a race either. Mexican is as much a race as as American is. Nation? Yes. Race? no. Trump is speaking the very things a majority of Americans believe but may be too afraid to say. It’s not about being racist or hateful towards any one group of people. It’s about being truthful, honest and protecting the people in this nation and providing jobs for everyone.

    Is there a problem of terrorism within the Muslim community? Yes and to deny that is to be willfully stupid. Are all Muslims terrorists? Of course not but allowing the possibility of violent extremists to enter into this country also endangers the lives of peaceful Muslims.

    Are all Mexicans Rapists and murderers? Of course not. Trump never said all Mexicans or Hispanics were . He said some are coming over ILLEGALLY and they commit crimes such as murder and rape. Mexico and America won’t enforce the immigration laws. By the way in case you didn’t know, cross the border illegally is a crime in and of itself.

    Trump is simply telling the truth. Those who cannot handle the truth revert to accusations of racism. There are facts that back up Trumps statements. Facts aren’t racist. Some Mexicans are rapists and murderers, some Muslims are terrorists and if you have a problem with that then you have a problem with reality.

    Those who stand with Trump stand on the side of truth and justice. If you don’t agree with what I’ve said you are either illiterate, a liberal who has bought into the media’s lies and propaganda or maybe you are the racist. As a law abiding God fearing American citizen, Trump has my vote.

  9. bonzer June 15, 2016

    Trump’s rhetoric seems to be election specific. He may be reflecting the perspective of a common man when he speaks tough against Islam and Muslims. Yes, radical Islam has been a great problem. You need a proper strategy to handle it. You cannot promote anarchy and chaos in the name of controlling Muslim immigration.

    US needs to revisit her foreign policy while protecting her citizens from radical Islam. It’s wisdom and not rhetoric that’s the need of the hour.

  10. Sparks June 14, 2016

    Does anyone know what Trump actually wants to do? It seems every time he is pressed for specifics on policy, he retreats behind buzzwords and catch phrases like “build the wall” and “make America great again.” I was kind of hoping after winning the nomination he would alter his rhetoric in order to sound more presidential, but based on what I’ve heard lately, that doesn’t seem to be his game plan. I firmly believe his success as a candidate can be attributed to how disgusted the right-wing voter base is with politics-as-usual in Washington and the establishment in general, although I’m concerned that people have no idea what sort of monster they are creating by the way that they vote. I guess only time will tell with the Donald.

  11. A Wise June 14, 2016

    He’s not my ideal candidate, but I would take him over Kill-ary anyday!

  12. ally79 June 12, 2016

    I can’t believe that Trump is actually going to be the Republican nominee and that I am going to have to vote for him. I really don’t want to vote for Trump but I certainly can’t vote for Hillary. She is probably the only person in the world worse than Trump for the office of President.

  13. jinkies June 10, 2016

    The fact that Donald Trump has come this far in the election terrifies me. When I first heard he was running I thought it was a joke, but this prank has gotten way too out of hand. I really don’t agree with his character or his policies and I don’t think he can effectively lead this country. He has proven time and time again to be a racist misogynistic bigot and even if his character was unimportant to his consideration for candidacy there is much to be desired in his policies. As a businessman who has gone bankrupt and foots the bill on his windswept toupee by exploiting workers overseas, I don’t think he has any real idea how to run this country. He isn’t a politician, believes that speaking one’s mind is the same as discrimination and has some troubling ideals, such as a want to ‘Make America Great Again’. (Much like Hitler wanted to ‘Make Germany Great Again’, but since there are plenty of online articles and memes about this, I’ll leave it to the professionals). Overall, I don’t think Donald Trump is qualified for the presidency and his only ‘good’ qualities-bluntness and ‘honesty’- are thinly veiled prejudices.

  14. arunava June 8, 2016

    Trump represents the growing ultra right wing movement that is getting its foothold once again. Donald Trump is only an outlet for the evil that is trying to raise its ugly head once again and he is disapproved by all level headed citizen believing in equality and peaceful cohabitation of the human being. so, we need not worry. It is the duty of the people of America to see to it that that the devil’s head is crushed before it even raises the tip of a hair. Donald Trump is taking advantage of the situation to lead the people the wrong way. Racism, in all its forms, should be abolished and there is no better opportunity for the civil society to show the love and camaraderie that defines the nature of democracy. American Dream will march on!!!!

  15. oportosanto June 2, 2016

    You are not the only one surprised that he is the Republican candidate, but let’s face it, Republicans will not win this election, it would be scary if they did.

  16. lisasian86 May 27, 2016

    I find it astounding that Trump even has a shot at presidency. He clearly should not be president and I find it concerning that so many people seem to think he is the best choice, I just hope his supporters see sense soon enough.

  17. meganisonfire May 26, 2016

    Finally we have a man that knows what he is talking about running for president! I think we should build the wall to keep the immigrants out. I think that we should prevent all the Muslims from coming into the United States. I think that this is man knows a lot a lot about money and will be able to help our country get out of debt. He speaks just like the average american and there is nothing wrong with that. At least he is someone that we can understand and relate to! I am voting for Donald Trump!

  18. Belovedad May 25, 2016

    I don’t think Trump is the right candidate for the job. He has many accomplishments in life but I think that is the sole reason he is running for presidency. He wants to change a country to meet his ideals and not what is beneficial and fair for everyone.It will be unfortunate but interesting if he actually goes on to win everything.

  19. oportosanto May 23, 2016

    The sad part about what Trump is doing is that I am not even sure if he is just saying what he believes in or if his behavior is simply dictated by the polls to get him more votes.

  20. nytegeek May 18, 2016

    People that are concerned by Trump’s misogynist and racist remarks are most certainly not idiots. Putting women in charge of construction sites in the 1980’s does not excuse his very publicly displayed misogynistic attitude this century.

  21. oportosanto May 16, 2016

    The question isn’t how good a person Trump is. Of course being a millionaire he has surely helped a lot of people and created a lot of jobs, but he also needs to have common sense and now how to act as a president and he lacks that.

  22. Glcameron May 15, 2016

    I feel a sense of disgust when I see him in this election. I honestly don’t think some of the candidates really care about the everyday ” Joe” who has to go to work, struggle and deal with the next elected official knowing they wont keep their promises. Every time I see a candidate on television, especially this one, I feel like we are heading toward into a time of despair. Trump doesn’t care about helping America become great. I think it’s satirical he got this far as a presidential hopeful.

    His values and ability to handle money on a personal level should prove his worth from the start, yet I fear there are those who are so far gone they will vote for him because they want to be so ” Anti- Obama” they’ll accept him.

  23. andrew May 14, 2016

    All the idiots that feel Trump is racist or a women hater should look into his backround of helping needy families and workers he employed. He was putting women in charge of construction sites before anyone else as far back as the early 80’s. Look at the class his children are and well read as he made them start out at the bottom in these construction sites. He will build this country, bring back jobs and change the democratic moocher ways of generational welfare that is a burden on us, our children and grandchildren. I wish the liberal moochers would put 20 full time news people on hillary like they are on Trump. Seems to me she has a lot more bad history then he does!

  24. oportosanto May 13, 2016

    Trump is a force of nature. Rich, celebrity he has it all. At the same time his ideas are a little too extremist for someone aiming to be the President, I don’t think he his suited for the job.

  25. Kenneth Wilson May 12, 2016

    I did not initially support Trump but what I think gives him such great appeal with the people is the fact that he is not a career politician or a politician at all for that matter that would cause alienation with citizens. Though he is at celebrity status, there is something that people can Identify with about a person who took opportunities that he were given to him and succeeded in business while also taking on numerous other ventures that would give him credibility with the everyday person. On another note, it may humble him that he does not have any political experience because if or when he makes it into office, he will need to surround himself with and listen to wise advisors to help him do his job.

  26. pyral May 10, 2016

    Well, I certainly think trump isn’t very conventional, and although he seems to be a bit radical, with his racist, high budget ideas I don’t think think those things are his real intentions. Trump is a celeb and a businessman, not a politician and as such we would expect him to use the same tactics which is exactly what we are seeing. However, I still think he’s a bit risky just not as bad as he initially comes off as.

  27. pyral May 10, 2016

    Well, Mr. Trump could certainly change things, perhaps for the better, but some of his ideas just seem A. Racist or B. highly budget intensive, however I think that he’s really just generating publicity for himself and that he may not be as bad of a leader as most of us would imagine him to be. We have to keep in mind that trump isn’t a politician, he’s a celebrity and a businessman, and in those positions using that kind of shock aspect is not so uncommon However, he’s still a bit risky.

  28. oportosanto May 9, 2016

    Yeah, it doesn’t make sense at first, but if we think of it it’s a good way to see how the republican voting population of the country thinks, they share Trumps views!

  29. ToneyWatermeloney May 7, 2016

    I honestly do not understand why people support Trump, not only does he seem like a huge jackass he’s got some messed up morals. The whole thing about not having to say everything that comes up in your mind is that you don’t have to say everything that comes up, you got that? I’m not saying America has to turn into some 24/7 politically correct country. Even though it’s currently headed that way because of the regressive left. I do however think that Trump sometimes says some pretty good things. Most of what comes out of his mouth is just downright racist stuff. I wouldn’t want a person like that anywhere near the white house.

  30. oportosanto May 6, 2016

    Well, I call that wishful thinking. 🙂 The fact is that I’m pretty sure Republicans are happy to have a candidate that has so much money and support. Even if he doesn’t share their ideals, the is going through as a Republican I believe.

  31. nytegeek May 6, 2016

    I really hope the republicans have a contested convention and that Trump is forced to go third party or independent. Trump clearly isn’t a republican, he clearly doesn’t share the party ideals or goals yet he seems to have hijacked their nomination process to get on a main party ticket.

  32. Alexa May 5, 2016

    It is a concern that someone with little political experience or knowledge of how the federal and states laws work is potentially nominated the Republican candidate. While Trump maybe a ruthless businessman, running a country is a different matter.

    His policies are not well thought out, but appeal to the masses, who don’t realize they cannot be enacted without the backing of Congress. I saw Trump backtrack on punishing women for having abortions, I seriously doubt there is no one in his family or circle of friends who has not had an abortion, so would he enact a punishment for them? He backtracked due to pressure, and is that the sign of a leader who knows what he is talking about?

  33. Shurelya May 4, 2016

    I have found that a large portion of his supporters publicly praise him for not being politically correct; in fact, this is the main reason why people are voting for him. I believe being diplomatic is an important quality to have while being involved in public affairs. From what I understand, the reasoning his supporters have for liking his abrasiveness and ability to speak his mind is because he is more believable than other politicians. Trump’s supporters identify with the way he carries himself and the way he talks to and about other people. Backing Trump has become a matter of relating to Him rather than agreeing with ideas that are sensible and tactful.

  34. oportosanto May 4, 2016

    Please, I also agree that the better candidate should win, but it’s absurd if Trump wins because his views are purely demagogic. Republican views are always strange to me, but the fact is millions vote for them.

  35. sweyden May 3, 2016

    All i can say is that may God bless America and that the better candidate win. if Trump is the better candidate the results will definitely prove his superiority and importance in being capable to make a positive impact to the society.

  36. LCameron April 30, 2016

    Yes, Donald Trump might become our next president. I wish I new more about what he plans to do for our country but unfortunately all I hear about is his plan on building a wall between us and Mexico. Maybe we needed such a ridiculous decision to become a front runner? That way people are forced to educate themselves about important decisions they may have to make.

  37. oportosanto April 29, 2016

    Trump look like a big kid that can buy everything and he might well be right because he’s on his way to buy his Presidency ticket. It would be a surprise if he could make it.

  38. seupaulo April 28, 2016

    How could someone like businessman Donald Trump turned the leader in the contest of the presidential candidacy of the Republican Party? Can such a person will become the 45th president of the United States? There is one answers to these questions: Trump has explored the precarious process of American presidential party prior!

  39. oportosanto April 26, 2016

    I think all those extreme positions he has are mostly propaganda to please certain targets. I mean, built a wall for the Mexicans? Send out Muslims? Those are surrealistic ideas.

  40. seupaulo April 26, 2016

    It’s really hard to believe that a man who only answer for everything is “we gonna build a wall” can be even consider to be the president of the greatest nation in the world. Come on people!

  41. George Edwards April 26, 2016

    I am really surprised by how the Trump train is chugging along, and being almost unstoppable. Now, I am not a supporter, but it almost feels like Trump has the majority vote. To be honest I am unhappy with how much money is being thrown around to slander Trump because it makes it seem that big companies are afraid of Trump. Let’s see how this plays out.

  42. Aymen April 26, 2016

    Donald seems like a good man. I kind of and kind of not want him to get elected as president of the U.S. Trump wants to build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it. Like come on dude you’re a billionaire. Also he wants to send out all Muslims and stop all Muslim immigrants from coming in and out of America. Mexicans and Muslims lives are very tough. They both want to come in to America to find good jobs, get a great education and set a brighter future.

  43. zod93 April 25, 2016

    Trump is just a rich businessman/celebrity from a wealthy family. I do not think that he knows what he is doing politically.

    Reminds me of Mitt Romney in some way, he will be forgotten after the elections possibly.

  44. sealpikachu April 25, 2016

    As a mexican, Trump’s ideas seem terrible, ant not only because they are hateful towards us. A president should strive to improve their country and the lives of all the people in it and, in my opinion, USA being as diverse as it is is precisely what makes it special. It would not make sense to alienate its defining characteristic.

  45. andrew April 24, 2016

    Just look at what we have had in the last 30 years. People that have been handpicked by both sides of the establishment and now as the world is falling apart, a horrible debt on our children and grandchildren, a president that has divided us by race, gender, age, party, class, I ‘am ready to try another way. Out with the good-ol-boy system that has taken our jobs, hiked our taxes, given us generational welfare and is in the very process of turning this country into a 3rd world hellhole. Trump is not running to better himself but to better this country. He already has money compared to shrill hillary that has used her office to get hers! If you like the path we are going now , then stay with the very same ones that put us there. Not me, I love my kids and that is why Trump cannot be any worse then the pathilogical LIARS have now and are running against Trump!

  46. Keith Ogilvie April 23, 2016

    Trump is without doubt a great businessman, he’s been there done it and bought the t-shirt. Whether you like it or not that puts him in the realm of being a presidential candidate.
    However his opinions are rash and divisive, he speaks like an extremist and while this is a highly successful tactic in drawing attention to yourself it also rules out potential allies.
    Trump is not a realistic option for the presidency, his regressive policies would result in a number of backlashes from across the world.

  47. MikeHannigan April 23, 2016

    Donald Trump is the worst loser to ever go for presidency in the United States. Apart from his incredible racism and constant hate-speech and his daddy fortune, he has nothing. His only chance of ever living in the White House is catering to “his” audiences, the close-minded people that think just like him.

  48. oportosanto April 21, 2016

    I don’t know how you can say that he is a good man after all he said. At the same time, no one is at this campaign with the heart, as it’s all premeditated and based on polls, it’s just the way it is.

  49. jason reid April 20, 2016

    Donald Trump is a good man. I understand that to some people he may seem to be all for himself and self centered but I believe he deserve a change. He is not racist, I hope.

  50. CarolinaV April 19, 2016

    I really can’t understand how the american voters can tak Donal Trump seriously as a candidate. His knowledge on most matters brought up during this election cycle is incredibly limited. Even worse, his campaing is not based on what he would do to “make America great again” but to maliciously spread rumours about all the other candidates. If he had to present his own plan and agenda to, for example, decrease unemployment, I am more than certain he wouldn’t even be able to explain a precise plan.

  51. faye1232212 April 19, 2016

    I am really confused as to how Trump has slithered his way into the race to begin with. Having no political background, I do not understand how the average American can even begin to think that he is suitable to run our country. It baffles me that he has such a strong following which is most likely because he is somewhat of a celebrity. Since we live in society that is more enamored toward celebrity figures than political figures, I guess it shouldn’t be so surprising after all that he is in the race and has somewhat of a slight chance.

    The people who follow Trump are viewed as poor, ignorant, dumb etc, which is true in some aspects but there are also a few that I was shocked to find out that actually supported him. I have a few friends from the military that agree with Trump. I think this is because he is so gung ho about war and getting the “illegals out” (laughable) that it gives military personnel that same feeling they had when Bush took us into the Iraq War. Many of them live for it.

    Anywho , I won’t be voting for this bloke. I just hope that others begin to wake up to what’s really going on.

  52. sharatharadhya April 19, 2016

    Although his thoughts on the American Economy and its policy are true, his approach at making things right or in his own words to make America better again are just not right. He might have the right goal, but he doesn’t have the right path to reach that goal. An efficient leader cum politician should never be Oppressive over a group of people with different thoughts. He should plan on winning against Anti-Social elements and Terrorism, without actually putting the lives of Americans at threat. If this is the path he chooses, he would become a great leader. I am also not into the policies of American Electoral Board. There are a lot of reforms that are to be made to this board for people to better exercise their electoral Duties.

  53. eduguy April 19, 2016

    As a Canadian, I don’t really think Trump is the right candidate. From what I’ve heard, he does not believe in global warming. In my opinion, global warming is one the biggest issues we have today. It threatens everyone on this whole planet. I also do not like his racism, and how he’s using it to win. I believe that Muslims should not be punished just because their extremist counterparts do horrific things. Finally, I do not think building a wall blocking the US from Mexico is a good idea. It will cost the US a large amount of money, and even though Trump says Mexico will pay for this wall, Mexico has said they will not pay for it.

  54. jamesandrews April 18, 2016

    Trump is precisely what America needs right now. For too long we’ve been run by establishment insiders with no idea how the real people want governing. Trump has given hope again to what Reagan called the “silent majority”. if he does eventually get the nomination, then I can’t wait to see who he chooses as his running mate!

    Pat Buchanan, anyone?

  55. martinearletara April 17, 2016

    One thing is for sure; Trump pushes a lot of buttons from right to left. I can see Sanders beating Clinton and Trump easily winning the Republican nomination. I feel that would be Trump’s best chance at winning the presidency since this is turning into a celebrity ballot and let’s face it.. the most recognized candidate will win. People aren’t come out to vote over values and issues. It’s about reaffirming the American class structure and turning back the clock about 40 years.

  56. potatosack101 April 17, 2016

    Trump makes a few points that I agree with like his stance on campaign finance. However, I cannot stand to support a candidate who use racism and fear to drive his campaign and a candidate that doesn’t believe in global warming.

  57. oportosanto April 15, 2016

    Whatever concerns Trump always gives a lot to talk about. To be honest, I was and am a fan of his show the Apprentice, but this is real life and I don’t think he would be a good President. It’s just too much.

  58. petesede April 13, 2016

    Donald Trump can best be explain by The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

    First the good. Donald Trump, in my opinion correctly shines a light on international trade deals. My belief is similar to Trump, that most trade deals are written by large international companies that then abuse the deals and move factories overseas or give themselves tax loop-hole benefits. While there is huge benefits to very large companies who are able to move around to take advantage, normal small and medium business do not have that mobility and thus suffer. The second major issue that I agree with Trump is that campaign finance makes our democracy, not a democracy, but a tool for big business. The amount of effort politicians need to put into fundraising, and the access campaign donations give to big donors makes it impossible for elected officials to really represent the people. Finally, although he seems whinny about it, Trump also is right in shining a spotlight on how crazy the nominating process is and how little power voters have compared to party officials. But there ends any positive opinions I have about Donald Trump.

    The bad. The bad can just be described as his lack of information, or any hint that he wants to learn anything. He constantly talks about stuff that is just, for no other word, ignorant. For a month, his stump speech included language about Japan and Korea not paying for us to protect them. But in fact, they do pay us..once he found that out, he just shifted to saying they don´t pay enough, without ever acknowledging his wrong statements. His opinions on nuclear weapons are just incoherent. He says nuclear weapons are one of his prime concerns, but did not know or understand the concept of the nuclear triad. In one sentence he says he is against nuclear proliferation, and then without even breathing says he wants to give nuclear weapons to Korea and Japan. And although there are dozens of other instances where he is just wrong about facts, I will end with his wall. His wall started out costing $4B, then it went to $8B, then to $12B, and now the way he describes it, most put the cost at close to $30B. And then showing just how little he actually thinks about things.. during a speech when talking about the wall, he says ´sure, they can use a 30 foot ladder, but then they are stuck at the top… but.um.. I guess they could just bring rope´.. And that is it, in his own words he tells you why a $30B wall will be defeated by a $50 ladder and rope. This also totally ignores the issue that San Diego already has a wall, and there are hundreds of tunnels under it. It will cost $30B to build a wall, and two mexicans with a shovel will have a tunnel under it in a week.

    Finally, the ugly. Trump is winning the Republican primary in the worst way possible, by using racism, hate and fear. His comments about mexicans are deplorable, his ideas about muslims are unamerican and fear-mongering, and his comments about women are horrible. At every turn, Trump uses 3rd grade tactics, saying things like ´he started it´ and calling people names like you would hear on a playground at recess. The other ugly thing about Trump is just his series of lies about his business. Trump had a publicly traded company for 10 years, and in those ten years he never turned a profit. He filed for bankruptcy 4 times, and there would have been a 5th time except his father drove to Atlantic City and bought $3M worth of chips so that Trump could pay his employees. Finally, his comments about starting out with just a million dollar loan are misleading. Yes, trump started out with that million dollar loan.. which he quickly turned into nothing… it was only after his father died and he inherited $200 million that Trump become ´Trump´. Also, any stock market person would tell you that if you gave any person $200M in 1995, and had them invest in just a standard index fund, they would have the same net worth as Trump.

    The really only successful thing that Trump has done is turned his name into a brand. His business, aside from the Apprentice are actually laughable. His public company died, his airlines died, his steaks died (he faked that press conference), his magazine died ( now only a pamphlet published for his few dozen resorts), his water and wine died, again only used at his own resorts. The only businesses that work are ones where he cashes in on his name, such as the Apprentice. As far as business, he is no different than Kim Kardasian or Paris Hilton.

  59. George Edwards April 12, 2016

    To me, Donald Trump is the village idiot, gone completely out of hand. I understand how to some people he may seem to be a ‘self-made man’ and a ‘great industrialist’ but even a bit of research leads to the simple conclusion that he is a blatant sham. He has never made his stand on any policy issues. He always bats on either side of the fence. He uses theatrics and drama to overload people and stop them from asking the real questions. He is severely bigoted and racist. I hope the American people see through his charade, and look for a better candidate.

  60. oportosanto April 11, 2016

    Trump is going to be 70 this year and he is running for president. He is saying a lot of nonsense and even so remains in the race. So, I can’t even imagine if he wins how he will act when he is 74…

  61. petesede April 11, 2016

    Trump is annoying to me. The problem is that some of the stuff he talks about, I agree with completely. Mainly the two things he has in common with Bernie Sanders.. the belief that trade pacts are bad for the middle class, and that campaign finance makes it impossible for congress to serve the people.

    That said, his racism and xenophobia make him impossible to support. The whole birther issue was just the start of it and was nothing more than pure racism. The fact that he called mexicans rapists, made other racial comments and talks so negatively about muslims was all designed to get him primary wins in the deep south.

    The real problem though is just that he doesn´t know basic stuff. He didn´t know Japan and S.Korea pay us to have bases there, he didn´t know what the nuclear triad was, his comments about NATO are completely baseless. He has a minimal amount of facts and knowledge, but makes these loud obnoxious statements based on them. While some may like his blunt talk, there is a reason you can´t do that as a politician, and you see it because he reverses his position on everything. He said he would order troops to torture and kill the family of terrorists.. then he found out that is against the law and had to reverse it the next day.. he wanted to punish women who had abortion, til he found out even the strongest pro-life people do not want that, so he had to change it 3 hours later. As President, you can´t be blunt, you need to be thoughtful and gather information before you shoot off your mouth.

  62. Utah April 10, 2016

    @Hamza, Donald Trump being ‘blunt’ and ‘straight forward’ does not make him a good candidate and it never will. A lot of his followers use those terms to justify his disgusting and childish acts but luckily, more and more people are starting to realize each day that he is absolutely not fit to become a president. Not now, not ever. I mean look at everything he does, he clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing and that’s not what you call ‘a good candidate’. If he wants to ‘Make America Great Again’, he can start by dropping out the race.

  63. Hamza Rao April 9, 2016

    I think Donald Trump quite blunt and straight forward even might be a good candidate for the presidential election of 2016, but i think he is going over board with some of his decisions and future decisions. He is energetic and different from most of the other politician but I totally disagree with some of his decisions. His discrimination against the Muslims is totally unauthentic. I totally agree that some people did bad things and still are doing and representing themselves as Muslims but that doesn’t mean that every Muslim is bad or dangerous to the country. I know the situations are not that great and measures should be taken to stop this terrorism but banning the Muslims from US is not the solution. Going against the immigrants is not the solution. Whomever they are, Mexican, Muslims and whoever. America’s foundation is based on cultural diversity and that is one of the most important reasons is its unique and extraordinary. Taking that away would not be beneficial for the country itself.

  64. turkeydragon April 9, 2016

    Donald Trump can not even be considered a politician. He is a disgusting, racist bully. I cannot believe the USA is even considering him to any extent. There are people out there that actually care about the well being of this country, but Trump is only here for his own personal, greedy motives.

  65. JudenDell April 7, 2016

    Yeah, no. Donald Trump is a lobbyist running for president. The blue collar workers think they are voting for a man of the people; Someone who speaks for them and has their best interests at heart. Donald Trump speaks for and only for…Donald Trump. He milks every single strata of the american public for their vote. He flip-flops between policies like a fish struggling for air. I hope that America sees the farce he is. If they don’t, then not only will they drag down the american economy, but the rest of world with it.

  66. tskier01123 April 6, 2016

    The first man to bring up his penis size in a presidential election? Can’t say I’m as worried as everyone else that he’s going to ‘destroy’ the country if elected to the office of the President. I’m not so sure, not a lot the President can do to destroy everything, short of going to war. Maybe Trump’s a hawk, probably not. More an opportunist than anything I’m sure. Anyway, we’ll see, if he doesn’t get elected he’ll just be a strange footnote in history.

  67. Raivyn April 6, 2016

    As much as I try to be tolerant of others, even those who do wrong, I can not for the life of me find anything to like about this man. Many of his supporters voice that he “speaks his mind.” When speaking your mind discriminates against others, that shouldn’t be something to be admired. Yet he has the support of millions. When asked questions, he completely avoids giving an answer. It’s just “We’re going to make America great again”, “We are going to bring back the American dream” and nonsense like that. That doesn’t give any actual solutions to issues. Then comes the argument of him being rich. Well yeah, he used the ‘small loan of a million dollars’ his father gave him wisely. But then, 4 of his businesses had to file bankruptcy. No way a man like this should ever hold a place of authority as important as president.

  68. joshiam72 April 5, 2016

    Although his character leaves a lot to be desired, that is not the only reason I dislike Trump. He has shown time and time again that he simply has no idea how the world operates. He says using nukes against Europe is not off the table. He says that He will build a wall on the southern border, using money from Mexico. He says that NATO should be elevated not only to a world policing organization, but to a organization that acts as an intelligence service. Furthermore for a businessman he does not understand how tariffs work. Various companies have in fact paid more in China than the US, not the other way around. . As much as some people might want someone who is anti-establishment, I don’t think Trump is competent enough to perform in what is possibly the most powerful position in the world today.

  69. amr13 April 5, 2016

    I do not like to bash any candidates because I do not like giving in to two party system rivalry. We treat politics like its the Sox vs. Yankees. I will say my values and political views do not align with Donald Trump. With our political system of checks and balances it does not worry me that Mr. Trump would become an evil dictator. Many of the things he promises to do he is unable to without congress approval. I do worry that he has no political experience and is unqualified for president. Donald Trump supporters would say that he is innocent to the world of politics. He is no Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington as his supporters would like to paint him. Yes, politics are corrupt and it is one big show they put on for America but Mr. Trump is not above the theatrics. In fact, he is putting on the biggest show of all the candidates. The difference with Mr. Smith’s character is that he came from a humble background and was innocently naive. His character was also taking a place in the US Senate not President of the United States. If Donald Trump is serious about a career in politics then I would like to see him handle a position like mayor, governor or senator before the presidency.

  70. DancingLady April 3, 2016

    I disapprove of this candidate entirely. Not only is he a jerk, a bigot, and a racist, he clearly doesn’t know what he is doing. He keeps changing his tune, getting caught in his own web and making up more stuff to try to keep the momentum going.

    I feel like he started out expressing a lot of the frustrations that many people have had, so he got their attention, but unfortunately he really doesn’t have any solutions, nor does he have the knowledge of the political system and diplomacy to be successful in implementing anything beneficial.

    His attitude is so lacking in compassion that I really feel that rather than make America great, he would make us even more hated than we already are, and cause those who are currently our allies to think we are a nation of morons.

  71. JohnB April 2, 2016

    I really don’t have anything constructive or helpful to say in regards to Mr. Trump. I’m increasingly alarmed at how somebody that clearly does not have any real majority support from either party or even among independents can gain so much steam in an election. First past the post voting in the republican primaries combined with multiple contenders without any clear majority backing certainly complicated things in the beginning. There haven’t been any actual policy positions communicated by Trump or his people either. At least not any thing real that can be taken seriously. Just a lot of sound bites and bigotry.

  72. andrew April 1, 2016

    We have had do-nothing establishment losers shoved down our throats for how many years now. We need to take a different route because both parties are selling out our security and future of our children and grandchildren! Trump has to be on the right side as all the fake news media and rich establishment unpatriotic dillrods are trying to destroy him. These idiot collage age tweeks that are brainwashed by the socialist liberal democrat MOOCHERS who cannot even give the right answer who is the current V.P ,never worked a day in their lives disrupt our speech, cuss at our children, boycott our work, push for anywhere,anytime any age abortions, while they say we have a war on women, clean air, water and free speech,tell us we need to change! Time to try a different route because doubleing the debt, foodstamps,welfare jumps 3 fold, less people working then 8 years ago, shipping terrorists here daily is not going to work very long!